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  1. Ding winning a world championship game with the London system is the biggest W in chess history

  2. turns out london has a 100% win rate in the world championship

  3. would like a spot of tea my good fellow

  4. Hey levy this dude machesstery is reuploading all your shorts

  5. I wonder what Eric Rosen thinks of this… 🙃

  6. Can anyone explain why king couldn't have gone to right and take knight

  7. Nepo was more grumpy after losing yesterday's match cuz' Ding played the london lmao.

  8. Ding really loves the d5 square I feel like thats new metta

  9. can someone tell me the scoreline of the game?

  10. No professional position in any company would allow him to live to his full potential

  11. This mf : "Hmm, there is a gap if i do that. Oh wait, i can move my pawn to cover it, easy"
    His enemy : "wtf, in the midle of this and he move the pawn"

  12. Ding Liren?
    Nah, more like DANTE LIREN, absolute style points

  13. and he sacrificed his sanity!!

  14. "Ding Liren winning… In style"
    12 yo edits videos flashbacks intensifies

  15. the way Ding sees the mate, it was stunning. he was nervous, knowing he literally sees the mate. what a genius

  16. Why doesn't the king to e7 avoid checkmate?

  17. Не, я видел как Магнус открыл коготь бобра, что являлось неуважением. Но он выйграл

  18. Nobody can make fun of me for London anymore!

  19. Classic GMs knowing that putting a pawn on a random square will win them the game

  20. And then he sacrifices THE QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!

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