Win Fast: Chess trap to checkmate in 7 moves! – chess tricks #chess #shorts

This trap is called BlackBurne Shilling Gambit. You can play this chess trap with black pieces and win in 7 moves only! #chess #shorts


  1. Lol I will take knight and sacrifice my knight

  2. When black offering free pawn then white generally move his pawn one step up to Target black

  3. Bishop will eat take horse in order to save the king lol

  4. Them: * starts with d4*
    no thats not what youre supposed to do

  5. Haha I already applied this trick 20 years back

  6. Bro could of got the knight instead of a pawn

  7. From the start he would have obviously taken the knight instead of the pawn ._.

  8. After Knight to D4 , the white knight could easily take the D4 position , it doesn't work guys

  9. What's stoping him from taking your knight?

  10. But how if the white takes the blacks night enstead?

  11. Uhhh who takes a pawn over a Knight 🙄🙄🙄

  12. No one will fall for this instead of taking pown he can simply take the horse its not working 😕

  13. Me trying it to my classmate sidian
    Him:Changes the moves
    Me: that was not scripted(in my mind)
    Me also trying french defense on our coach
    Sir:ahha so easy ( moved one powerfull step)
    Me: dude how can i beat them i tried every defense( saying this on my mind)

  14. Yes.. that's just not gonna happen

  15. He will not take my pown with knite this plan is that time will be flop

  16. Bro left his queen open at one point

  17. White: does a different move

    Me: hey that’s not in the script

  18. Black wala apko 5step me hi Hara Diya hota yadi knight ki jagah bishop ka use krta to

  19. By offering a free pawn

    My opponent:Takes knight

    Me:Wait a minute…THAT WASN'T IN THE SCRIPT

    Proceeds to lose

  20. Opponent : captures knight
    Me : tou weren't supposed to do that

  21. Bro the black's knight would prefer to take the free white knight rather than the pawn.Are you stupid??

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