Why Does God Hide from Us?

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Exodus Episode 14 – The Fire of Hell and the Love of God:

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  1. The two disciples on the road to Emmaus was made not to recognize Jesus

  2. in Hell🔥🦬🐍🐖🐎🦖🧌🧛🏻‍♂️👭👭🧑‍🤝‍🧑👫👬👬🔥👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿🔥🔥👬

  3. Games: The Science Fiction Movie of Metaphysics.

  4. It's NOT that God hides but has a lot more to do with his nonexistence!

  5. He doesn’t. He is all around us but you need the right eyes to see.

  6. He revealed his face in the Person of Jesus Christ. Hence the devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus. Still to this many face many fail to look lest they see. God has revealed himself fully to the world.

  7. The questions should be, why does god hide from you. I see God every day by the way that God has a name if you actually started calling him by his name, maybe he would show himself more to you.

  8. God hides because you are mean, selfish, harmful. God is the world, already manifested as the world, it's us that must go within to find the star that lights our life in order to find God, it's just that hardly no one listens or commits to such discipline. Peace within one. 💖

  9. The above conversation is purely stupid. I believe Basketball, video games and such are an insulting form of example in trying to explain something those at that table have not seen, instead they should had simply stated, ok so God did not show his face, and we do not know how it looks either, and left it at that Period. The stupidity as they try to explain what they do not understand is arrogance, retarded, and self humiliating. God causes FEAR demons shudder if they hear his name, of course he did not show his face and frighten the hell out of Moses and cause his death, heart attack literally, the power of God's eyes and look and face, is not what mere humans today or then, could bear. Now if you disagree and want to argue that Basketball and Video games are in the scriptures I'll be willing to listen, but I've read the bible and never seen Basketball or Video games in the Bible.

  10. And let's not forget that bsaketball was first imagined by a Canadian ! Great clip Jonathan, après toutes ces années, j'ai l'impression que ça n'a jamais été aussi clair. Merci ! That being said, when you talk about God experiencing the human condition, and that it means in the end crucifixion ; it resonates a lot. I think Hegel says something similar, it reminds me of what M. Shaul said recently about the Ger,man philosopher.

  11. Is this that “Illuminati” I keep hearing about?

  12. Isn’t it because we are fallen and God destroys evil and sin automatically?

    He was fully visible before the fall. No?

  13. Fr. Stephen De Young should be there, and everyone should be silent and listen to him.

  14. The Son of God reveals Himself to Moses. Orthodoxy really captures this perfectly and I wish it wasn't excluded due to present company

  15. I think God doesn't reveal himself becasue God doesn't exist.

  16. The limited rules you could possibly have is “1 or O” which creates the whole digital world.

  17. Mental gymnastics for Christians, If one needs god to show himself, its not a a deep mistery. In christinaity one is just out of luck, because one is born 2000 years too late apperently. The other explenation is that his hidenness wierdly correlates with the advent of ouer Ability to critically and emperically test these claims.

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