When you overthink in chess:

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very very very relatable if ur a chess player


  1. Remmember, your opponent cant know your strategy if you do not have one
    -Sun Tzu The Art of War

  2. A 300 and a 2900 have the same solution but the 2900 just overcomplicates the way to that solution

  3. Bro i was wearing headphones ☠️☠️☠️

  4. this position was a actually reached in a game between GMs long time ago and he took the position from that game where the GM sacrificed his queen in the same way

  5. literally me in chess.. 2 steps is good, 3 steps is god mode, 4 steps burn my brain
    the funny thing is a 10 yrs old kid teach me the rules when idk anything about chess before

  6. If he do the fork with the queen and king the other pawn infront of the king can just take the knight

  7. Isn't this the legendary Frank Marshall game?

  8. This game was actually played by Marshall, very old chess player who was a brilliant attacker.

  9. why didnt he just take his rook with the pawn in the first place?

  10. When you overthink a move and then realize it's a blunder

  11. Its touch move that means he still will need to move the horse

  12. yooo i had that pieces chess its just a same

  13. the pawn is on the 8th rank

  14. I'm surprised that a 300elo player lasted that long

  15. That was actually the greatest move of all time that someone played before. Love your vids!

  16. Sun Tzu: 'To know your enemy, you have to become your enemy'
    Me being 2100 rated and playing a 200 rated:

  17. I wouldn't play chess when I'm studying otherwise I might forget them.

  18. For those who didn't realize. the position in this video is famous for being one of the best in history. The audience threw gold coins at the players for being in that position

  19. Me who is so bad at chess that I think 10 steps behind: laughs in GOD

  20. I had a game like this but instead of both resigning at the same time I checkmated my opponent and my time ran out at the same time who won who lost in your opinion?

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