When The ROOK Destroys Everyone! | Chess Memes #28

When The ROOK Destroys Everyone! In this video we have an amazing chess battle with the Rook vs All the pieces, with lots of dank memes and funny moments! Let us know in the comments below which meme was your favorite and what chess opening or tactic would you use in these chess games. Hope you Enjoy the video!

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  1. White rook would have been lost within the first move

  2. Me, knowing he could’ve checkmated him with the rook several moves ago: >:( JUST DO IT

  3. Sacrificed:,
    you guessed it

  4. The ròooooooooooòóôõöøōőœooooooooookkk

  5. The definition of sac sac mate in that last game bobby Fischer anti dragon style

  6. i think you dont know me but i SUPPORTED you from the bottom. from 400 SUBS and im proud u have already 5k


  8. Still waiting for someone to play the pyramid or kings Indian opening

  9. 1:57 how do you make this joke and not get canceled in 2023

  10. When you are a funny grandmaster 69420 elo player

  11. I learn more from chess with these videos than chess books 😂 These are funny + cool

  12. Hold on! Why does black KING sound like a woman?

  13. you know it’s a good day when chespresso posts.

  14. Which side to use audio convert please tell me?

  15. bro what is this fking copy of chess again and these memes? 🙄

  16. The Bottom king is kinda cheating. I would like to see the Up King taking the untakeable piece for once.

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  18. Finally the kid made a brilliant sacrifice

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