When A Chess Streamer Challenged Garry Kasparov

When A Chess Streamer Challenged Garry Kasparov



  1. Bro forgot indian youngster Praggnanandhaa💀

  2. Wow Kasparov is a name I heard of the book I’m reading about chess

  3. I used to respect kasperov u til I saw those videos of him cheating when he loses!!

  4. Kasperov cheats when hes losing i seen the videos!

  5. "Ray enigma" smh worse than google translate

  6. I feel like gary shouldnt have played it so slow in the beginning but a very good game overall

  7. Garry ever lost with Deep Blue(IBM Computer) in 1997.

  8. The commentary was 🔥 I didn’t know what was happening all the time but I saw moving pieces, I saw war, death and defeat but I saw a victor 10/10

  9. Thank god you explained this, i was able to watch it.

  10. So I'm no chess expert as a matter of fact I don't even remember how to play it but. I noticed at the beginning of the match Gary was making his moves B4 the streamer had actually pressed the button on the timer effectively donating his time to Gary probably without even realizing it.

  11. I don't know shit about chess, but this was so tense and gripping. It's so cool how even after all this time, Kasparov is still sharp as ever and can quickly make moves.

  12. Kasparov is already a legend in chess world. Nobody in this world would dominate the chess sport like he did. Lossing to a good chess streamer isn't a risk to his reputation.

  13. b4 finishing the video the suit makes me think earpiece and outside advice

  14. Ahh once again, Garry Chess is undefeated!

  15. So i don't play chess, but Gary kept moving his pieces before the other guy pressed the clock button and had tapped the clock then right as soon as the other guy pressed. Thus taking virtually no time as he was basically moving on the other guys turn… is this illegal in chess? I know its not like an official tournament or game, but like… isnt that just unsportsmanlike?

  16. i never would have thought that chess is so entertaining

  17. No chess game he could play now would ruin Kasparov chess reputation. It would just be attributed to Gary getting older. Total legend of the game with monsterous domination and achievements.

    Also, nice end game technique from Gary.

  18. Could be hiding an earpiece to receive instructions generated by an AI program?

  19. Wait, why am I watching this? I have a creative writing assignment due tomorrow, I don't even know anything about chess.

  20. i love watching this like i know whats going on

  21. Never mind the fact every time Garry is challenged, his opponent has the benefit of studying a lifetime of their opponent’s tactics.

  22. Ran out of time? Why not just finish the game?

  23. Bruh Garry is 60 years old and still in the absolute top of chess players even being mostly retired for almost 20 years. Hes maintained his level even after 2 entire generations have come into chess. He's been in the top .1% for 40 years now. Insane

  24. magnus is better so this final boss shit is dumb

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