What is Modern Chess?


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  1. I always forget that perfect chess is a draw and im always trying to bruteforce myself into a win

  2. ❤ i love hikaru whats he thinking he can do this so funny we love you hikaru

  3. Just realized how late it is.. I've been grinding chess, reading chess, and watching YouTube for a while now.

  4. Theres two approaches but you only said one approach

  5. Modern chess is who memorizes more moves played by AI

  6. So the other approaches is play equal, fresh position that minimize trading pieces right?

  7. Never let them know your next move: play for a loss

  8. It’s more fun when you just play move for move or only think about 2/3 moves ahead. Memorising perfect plays is so boring.

  9. No wonder Gm ben finegold doesnt like anything anymore

  10. I mean yes true but only for those very strong players like Hikaru. For us it’s just about who blunders the least is winning

  11. First levy, now hikaru.
    What happened to y’all hair?

  12. Chess played perfectly is always a draw -someone probably

  13. Hikarus head looks like it’s photoshopped on. Like we’re one undo press away from his head disappearing

  14. when hikaru talks about something he knows well he always raises his eyebrows

  15. I think Your barber once was check mated by you in past 😅😅😅😅

  16. Me who can't remember what i am meant to do after move 3 :/

  17. Fischer was right. Computers sucked the soul out of top level chess. Now it's primarily determined by memorizing lines calculated by computers. It took the humanity out of the master pieces we would expect from top level chess players. Respect to Hikaru for winning the Fischer random tournament, as that is chess with its soul, talent, and creativity returned.

  18. Dont leave me hanging. What's the other approach?

  19. Bro blundered his queen when he went to the barbershop

  20. Modern Chess is when Magnus has to purposely play trash openings to get his opponent out of Prep.

  21. Fischer said this. Fischer knew this was coming long ago, hence, Fischer random. Memorising engine lines is not intelligence

  22. This is why magnus plays random moves so they actually have to think

  23. Unless you're Magnus and played something like the king's gambit 😂

  24. It's like traditional chess, but a lot more rude.

  25. Yeah but, how does the knight move?

  26. I guess, Fischer was right. It became a matter of who's better at memorising.

  27. Yeah, right. I guess these guys would draw every single game against Stockfish, right? Hikaru would never lose to a better player because that's how Modern Chess works, it's all about the draws

  28. High level chess: remember huge lines and decide which variations to play
    Medium level chess: some lines and variation, but also requires thinking on the spot.
    Low level chess: whatever happens happens.

  29. At a super GM level* Nobody under 3000 online plays like this

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