Vishy Anand vs Magnus Carlsen | Tata Steel Chess India Blitz 2019

Vishy Anand and Magnus Carlsen faced off against each other in round 8 of the Tata Steel Chess India Blitz 2019. The game between two world champions is always exciting! Check out what happened!


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  1. Okay so the guy who gets out of his chair first lost 🤔

  2. world of differentiation and integration says:

    No. Carlsen will win, but not by two moves. Now it's the move of anand. So now he can move his white rook to b4. So that he can defend his pawn and also check.

  3. So I'm a chess noob. Can anyone please explain to me how Anand should have played so that he might have had an edge in winning? I know it's an impossible question to answer tbh, since carlsen would have moved accordingly, but at what point in this game could a move from Anand have made a turnaround?

  4. Why do they keep fiddling with the chess pieces they have won ?

  5. Am I only here to watch this video till the end without skipping, but don't know who won 😅😂

  6. At 7:17 i think the pawn was back he put his pawn forward its cheating i guess

  7. Others – Gentleman's game🤯
    Me – Watching in 0.25x😶

  8. I know nothing about chess but still watching 🤣

  9. can anyone explain why vishy did not took out the bishop with pawn at 2:20 ??

  10. It's already 3yrs but still i have no idea Who is winner 😂😂

  11. Magnus Carlsen won… for those who don't know 😂♟️👌

  12. For those who didn't understand, Vishy was only 2 steps away from getting checkmated

  13. bro wtf 7:167:19 the move by vishy : rook pawn moves two squares, but carlsen captured it with a pawn like it moved one square instead of two.. wtf bro

  14. He still had the move didnt he could have gone to the back corner

  15. Offering a handshake means they want to resign the match and the other player is won and the kings are moved to the centre of the board.

  16. Don't know a damn thing about chess but knows that they are champions..

  17. This was pre-COVID days. If this was today and I was there and heard someone coughing that much, I would have been out of there so quick. Ahhh! The good’ol pre pandemic days.

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