use this trick to win every chess game.

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  1. The problem with this move is that Black will probably play Nf6 blocking the threat on move 2.

  2. For anyone who doesn't know about this it is called scholar's mate

  3. Wow this move can't even beat 1 elo rating mitten you asshole 😂

  4. Scholar’s Mate (Impossible to stop GM-level opening)

  5. Many 600 rates always do this opening, they're unalive now

  6. We can't win every chess game with this trick because everybody is not a noob like you

  7. Good but will never work for good players

  8. Not always after knights capture black can just play pawn to f6 to block the queen

  9. 4 move checkmate but a more advanced version! Exactly what I was looking for!

  10. I mean who plays knight to h6? I mean even a 500 elo chess player wouldn't fall for it lol

  11. I’ve waited 1000 years and someone finally played a4

  12. Ofc, this is scholars mate that almost every people knows about it!

  13. thank you so much, i beat all my friends and aim to become a master and with this trick i will definitely succeed!

  14. Everyone watching this gangsta til
    they fight against somebody who is above 500.

  15. who the fuck would play a3 or a6 on second move💀

  16. Dammmmn what a moment to see this video agin after 1 year. it just appeared randomly in my other account recommendation in my short I don't know if the uploader is the same guy before but I can't believe people still did not get the joke or the humour of this guy big respect to you

  17. How has this video over 400k clicks? I mean how does this work

  18. Anyone above 500 rating is gonna fall for this to be honest

  19. This is used against most beginners

  20. Now I understand how Magnus Carlsen is soo good at chess

  21. it only happens if the opponent is stupid

  22. I may or may not have lost by this like bruh I keep getting black

  23. Characteristic chess player humbleness here in the comments. Only smugness all around.

    And everyone here thinks he is a genius for pulling the same joke. Its a classroom full of bots, sophisticated game my ass😂🫡

    Its just a puzzle game where you have to learn patterns and pressure your opponent into doing mistakes. It’s absolutely not that big of a deal. Its a great game. But chess players are smug dicks at heart.

    The game has been around for more than a thousand years now, yeah? You smug idiots have half of the game already played out for you, its not just a programm its recorded history and an order you are following. The point being that you are acting very entitled for relying on what others built for you to abuse today.

  24. It does work but not 100% of the time.

  25. Should not take queen 1n 2nd move it is mostake

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