Trump Vs Biden Chess Game

Biden should play against mitten with 1 rank so he can get better at chess next time .

► also non of this are real its parody meme video about president of USA playing games generated with

► play chess at :

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  1. Joe fell harder on chess than he fell from the bike 😔

  2. Что за кринж у меня в предложке? Ну забавно

  3. Nice edit
    you got me on your subs man ty for the laugh!

  4. Absolutely awesome video. Deserves a million views.

  5. Hi!
    Please I need to know what is the song/music when subscribe outro comes?

  6. New subscriber. This channel is good shit

  7. Класс ваще пацан магëт давай в том же духе продолжай

  8. The only move I know in Chess is the wayward queen if I don't win there it's pretty much good game

  9. O kurwa Stachu johnes! POLSKA GÓRĄ LESSS GOOOO !!!

  10. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. bruh, the sound effects ruin the mood

  12. These videos are hilarious, but it’s so obvious the uploader is a trump fan😅. Gross

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