This Is How Chess Pawns Move

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  1. "It's the only piece that moves differently at different times"
    Castling (king & rook) : 👁👄👁

  2. If you're wondering why you can choose to be a bishop or a rook when theres a queen, choosing a different one from a queen can save you from a forced stalemate

  3. Would castling not count as moving differently at different points in the game for both the king and rooks

  4. En passant left the chattttttt

  5. “The best move here is to take the bishop” yes and no because ur pawn structure is now terrible and ur not gonna develop as fast as black will

  6. En Passant has left the chat forever

  7. Magnus Carlsen of chess because of en passant why did you not include it in the video?

  8. Well the king can walk two steps a time too

  9. Capturing the bishop is bad and good at the same time because capturing the bishop makes a double pawn which is not good btw where is the en passant

  10. I feel like en passant is one of the most overlooked rules in chess

  11. One last trick
    Me when I hear him say promotion:aaaand En Passent?

  12. Well, capturing is the best move.
    queen desperately wanting to develop other than doubling pawns

  13. I was waiting for en passant for the last one…

  14. Your missing one make pawn video and miss the one Ii want explained 🎉

  15. Üřþů0đæ and ē řäþhë ý üřþů0đæ ň has left the chat

  16. Who better than the pawn themselves to explain how the pawn moves

  17. This video is great it answered my questions about the pawn being yo just twice on first move and taking 1 in the same move . Thanks

  18. I moved 2 steps of pawn. It got captured by the other pawn which was straight to it. It happened to me while paying online😢

  19. by the way, you missed the move called "by the way"

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