The Square Rule in chess

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  1. Holy crap, first 10 seconds just staring to camera ,thats crazy

  2. Give your life to Jesus he died for us it ain’t to late.

  3. Omg🎉 im like 600elo and this is the first ytb chess puzzle i got right😂

  4. I can honestly say with %100 that the king can’t catch the pawn

  5. Wouldn’t the white king just catch h first and then g?

  6. The square rule is bs, just move your king 4 squares

  7. What ? How the hell do the king will catch the pawn, look there is a easy way, see how much cases the pawn need to promote, and sew how much cases separate the king and the pawn, if the king distance beetween the king and the pawn is hight but not equal to the needed cases to promotes, that mean that the king will not catch the pawn

  8. My dumbass still figured out the best move for black but NOT because I knew the square role or anyhting. It was because I thought black was moving down and there were two pawns so trading queens would be ok…

  9. if you look closely you will notice that theres also a chessboard at the bottom of this vid

  10. This the real king’s strength when he unleashed his potential.

  11. That black king was mad after losing his queen💀

  12. Thanx so have you gotten into coaching formally

  13. When you do not scream like an hysterical pig, you become immediately one of the most intelligent beautiful women eyes can have the pleasure to see. Continue like this.

  14. Am I tripping or did that king just move 4 squares?

  15. h5 is the best move for white, because you could only have the black Queen to move and it will move so much it will be a draw

  16. I Like the way you say black king 😅

  17. Now listen carefully! Did you hear this lady ? That’s exactly why I don’t play Chess ♟️!!! 😂❤

  18. I guess the step in part only applies if its black turn not white, if you are outside the square and it is white turn you will never catch him ??

  19. Who give this king super powers 😮😮😮

  20. So youre telling me magnus learned this move from Alex! Thats crazy in its own right

  21. Btw, thanks for the tip Alex : ) I didn't know chess had math tricks within.

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