The shortest game of Magnus Carlsen’s chess career!

Magnus Carlsen came to the game played five moves, offered a draw to Vidit Gujrathi and it all ended in just five moves! What happened? Check out in this video as we bring you the entire footage.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. can sombody explain how did he offert the draw ? by just giving away his knight or what ?

  2. Can anyone explain to me how that is a draw?

  3. I do no get why the oppenent instantly knew after kight g5 that carlsen would like to draw? Is there some forcing draw line?

  4. Nobody has ever beat me in chess, and never will.
    I play anyone, doesn’t matter who, as long as they never played chess before.

  5. Vidit: I'll win…
    Magnus: I'll win…
    Poop: Bonjour!
    0:50 Magnus: I offer a draw
    1:13 Vinit: Okay
    1:15 I have an upset stomach
    1:18 Lady in 2nd row with red dress 🤷‍♀️ what?
    1:19 Girl next to her: what? 🤷‍♀️
    1:20 Man at top right of screen: what? 🤷‍♂️

  6. Who don't know how to play chess but still watching

  7. It is a draw .. magnus carlsan health is not good … He offered to draw to Gujarati boy .. and he acteped …

  8. bro was like "yo raincheck im about to shit myself"

  9. I don't understand the rules on the game. He can moved the king upward or sideward. ?? Help me on this please.

  10. What a man accepting the draw so Magnus could go to the bathroom


  12. Aonde está o maldito comentário brasileiro que eu não encontro. 😤

  13. I don't understand why they drew, neither side was at an impasse yet……..

  14. Magnus: "shit is really kind today, accept the draw"

    Visit: "of course I do!

  15. If a match started and i wanted to use the bathroom I would do that move too XD

  16. why he just give up poor indian gm player,he should be a beginners,there is steel defense,

  17. He could’ve used his knight on left? Correct me if I’m wrong

  18. Did Magnus offer the draw? Seems Vidit was the first to say something.

  19. Did he draw because he wasn't feeling well? I think I heard him say, " terrible stomach". Not sure though.

  20. The hand move of Magnus at end was not so polite……..

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