The Outflanking TRICK To Win Rook Endgames

The Outflanking TRICK To Win Rook Endgames

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Enjoy The Video!


  1. So called "Rooks" when they have to move diagonally to win

  2. So i just realized i couldve won many rounds if i knew this trick

  3. nowww there's no way those random king moves are brilliant

  4. can't it be checkmate if tou take oppostion he pushes we cheak and same??

  5. I'm having trouble with the starter game I don't know how to develop pieces and I'm losing them

  6. What if you just cut off the king, but stall 1 more move so that the king can't reach the pawn? I mean, I guess it can turn into a draw then so idk. Actually no you can't because you can just block the king with your king until they're farther away from their pawn.

  7. Is that brilliant according to stockfish or you use as it's brilliant as well

  8. I just thought he will sacrifice the king 😶😶😶

  9. Nice trick, I have improved a lot watching your videos thanks.

  10. No one talking about three brilliant moves in a row 🤯

  11. i got this problem all correct maybe thats why i got banned

  12. Nice 🔥😱
    But it only happens to me when I forgot it🤕🤕🥶

  13. No way i got a brilliant move lol im just 500 elo

  14. There is another solution that i found simply better cutting of the king from the pawn at a certain poit c’est coming on the pawn file free pawn il 1 turn less 🎉

  15. For my self as a noob I'd rather draw so I can't chase the alone king for 20 hours straight

  16. POV: you found the king move and felt like a god

  17. Keep up the good content, theres a lot of sarcastic comments, but the ideas are informative, and these types of positions happen a lot if you play chess frequently

  18. “But you have to know this”
    Me: bobbybojangles

  19. Most 800s watching this video dont know how to mate with king and rook so its a draw anyway

  20. Bro I did this all and then went on to a draw with a rook and king vs king

  21. The first check doesn't make the difference. But the outflan"king" technique with Kc7 absolutely. You can win playing Kc7 directly with the same plan (stockfish approvement). Nice technique and nice video!

  22. What if they push the pawn in the end and rook takes and king takes then that's a draw

  23. What if you just keep rook at h4 after pawn moves?

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