Symmetric Chess | ChessV vs anonymous (Game 4) | See the game rules below

ChessV is a free, open-source universal chess program with a graphical user interface, sophisticated AI engine, capable of playing not only orthodox Chess but many other games reasonably similar to Chess, created by Greg Strong.

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Symmetric Chess is played following each and every rules of Chess but making two slight adjustments appropriate to the 9×8 board.

1) When castling king moves 3 squares towards either rook.

2) Both bishops of each player cannot run along squares of the same color. One of them must change in such a manner that it transits through squares of the other color. Being in its original square without having been moved before, it will take an orthogonal step towards any of the 3 surrounding squares that are of the other color, provided that these are empty. This special move is called “conversion” and it must be done as an ordinary move during the game.

A player may choose which bishop he converts, but if he makes a normal move with one of them, then the first move made with the other must be a conversion move; and, viceversa, if he first makes a conversion move with one, then the other will have to be moved normally. Thus, a player never can make more than one conversion move in a game, and a promoted bishop does not make conversion moves. It is possible to take a piece of the opponent by conversion. If both bishops are in their original squares without having been moved before and one of them is captured, then the other will retain the option of being converted or move normally according to the color of the square in which it is located.

White: ChessV
Black: anonymous

1.f4 f5
2.Nf2 Ng6
3.e3 Bh8
4.Bh1 d5
5.d4 e6
6.g4 fxg4
7.Qxg4 Nc6
8.Qh5 Qh4
9.Qxh4 Nxh4
10.c4 Ne7
11.Qi4+ Nhg6
12.Nc3 c6
13.a4 i5
14.Ng4 Kd8
15.c5 a5
16.Qh5 Ri7
17.i4 Ra6
18.b3 Nf5
19.Qg5+ Ke8
20.Ri3 Ri6
21.Bb2 Nh6
22.Ne5 Nxe5
23.fxe5 Nf5
24.Rh3 Nh4
25.Qh5+ g6
26.Qxh7 Ri7
27.Rxh4 ixh4
28.Qxh4 Bg7
29.Kd2 Ri5
30.Bg2 Rf5
31.Qg3 g5
32.Ne2 Bi5
33.Qh3 Rf2
34.Rf1 b6
35.Qh5+ Kd7
36.Ba3 Rxf1
37.Bxf1 Qxf1
38.Qxi5 Qf7
39.Qxg5 b5
40.i5 Qh7
41.h4 Qi8
42.Qg7+ Kd8
43.h5 b4
44.Bc1 Ra8
45.i6 Bd7
46.i7 Kc7
47.h6 Rc8
48.Ke1 Re8
49.e4 Qxe4
50.h7 Black resigns

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