SJGames Live – We’re playing Knightmare Chess to celebrate the new rules booklet on Kickstarter!

Today on #SJGamesLive we’re playing Knightmare Chess with Jimmie and Randy! Be sure to tune in! Back Knightmare Chess on Kickstarter today!

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  1. I can't fund this in print!People are saying they can pick it up at cons, but there aren't any cons near me…😢

  2. Man, these guys are such bad chess players. Difficult to watch at times.Knightmare chess is awesome, though. Had a lot of fun playing with my friend as a kid. Glad it's coming back.

  3. this video is very poorly made, knighmare chess deserves much better production value than this, its painful to watch

  4. this is probably the best version of both adding fog of war to the game while not taking away to much crucial info, granted both players have the same stack of cards of course, if that is randomized somehow then it will be a very different story without so much tactical stuff planning ahead, still it would probably be fun tho…

  5. I wish you played such openings against me. But Nightmare chess changes so much, it probably doesn't matter that the openings were weird.

  6. The card art looks like one of the early FMV video game footage, dirty and almost horroresque.

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