Six ways you can Draw a chess game | chess draw rules

👉In this video I covered six patterns of draw in chess.
(1) Fifty move rules draw
(2) Mutual agreement (Both players agree for draw)
(3) Stalemate
(4) Threefold repetition
(5) insufficient material
(6) perpetual check

chess draw rules
six ways you can draw in chess
how to make a draw in chess

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  1. Very nice information sir I knew only 3 types of drawers now I got it it's actually 6 types of draws in chess…. thank you so much for sharing a good chess knowledge.

  2. Chess legends pe video le ke aao unke gameplay wo kaise khelte the

  3. It's really useful for beginners….😘😘😘😘

  4. 1st case me apne jo Draw ka tarika bataya he usme jo 50 moves he usme kiya dono k moves ko milake 50 moves hoga ya only white ka 50 moves ???

  5. sir plz 3fold repetition pe video bana do🙏

  6. Aapko 1st niyam surely hai I think and hear 16 moves after draw

  7. कई बार lichess में सामने वाले का टाइम आउट हो जाता है फिर भी ड्रॉ हो जाता है ऐसा क्यों होता है

  8. Stalemate hone par player harta hey ya draw hota hey

  9. I don't know if I will get a reply or not but if 1 player only have same place to go each time but the opponent is playing different moves is it a draw until certain moves?

  10. You missed 1 draw when we only have a king but we win in time, then it's a draw

  11. my opponent's king has done 3 same moves one after another while I am doing different it also threshold repetition?

  12. 6:23 king Double knight ke sath chakemate kar sakta hai 👍

  13. 7 is also take a example
    Black has only king on the board and white has enough material to checkmate black but white's time is over then
    The game results in draw

  14. why cant i understand a word? is that even english?

  15. What if White has only one pawn… but even that is pinned by a black pawn in a way that white can only play with the king.
    Black has knight, 3-4 pawns

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