SECRET Rule Of Chess!

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  1. I used en passant on my friend and he said “ok, then I can do german check” and proceeds to fly his queen over the board and knock my king.

  2. When I first started I reported a guy for cheating when he played en passant 🗿

  3. I actually learned this in a book at the library


  5. Can’t believe the devs didn’t patch this back when the game first dropped

  6. I’ve always wanted to know this move! 💯🙏🏽

  7. Oh hey a bot did this to me today and I was like 🙃

  8. trying to play chess back in school was a major pain in the ass because no one believed me when I did this move. (learned from a computer game that did it to me multiple times and had my Father explain the move in details) got me to the point where if someone wanted to challenge me to chess I asked them to describe the En passant move to me, if they couldn't, I'd refuse the challenge. Now if they were unfamiliar and asked me to describe it and then would act as though they learned something new, then I'd play, as they wouldn't go into a 6 year old tantrum THATS CHEATING I'M TELLING AN ADULT WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH.(this was in High school at the time)

    unfortunately because of this I wound up not playing for years and subsequently lost my touch for playing Chess (I wasn't that good to begin with so not that big a loss but it still sucks)

  9. en passant ruined more attacks than i would like to admit

  10. bro i litteraly learnt en passant from an app 💀💀💀💀💀

  11. When I was 400 elo and was reviewing my game, that is the moment I learned I can do this and I was like wtf is this

  12. I was accused of cheating when I used in passing.

  13. I fall for this an outrageous amount of the time and it’s soooooo annoying

  14. Thanks, man. I thought En Passant was when two pawns are directly across from each other

  15. Yeah I was playing and For some reason it let me do that and I was so confused

  16. Can we play en passant whenever this happens or only with the last few pawns

  17. Dude I thought my opponents were cheating or something. Thanks for this knowledge

  18. You capture tye square behind the pawn or the pawn as well ?

  19. I knew that in my first game that I played

  20. Oh finally. Thank u. I’ve seen this move ages ago like 15 years ago. Recently when i got back into chest I was wondering, was it right, do I remember it correctly or I confusing it with something else. As u understood my chest skills below O lol. But few weeks ago I got hooked again. I really want to learn how to play average chest at least lol. Thanks once more!

  21. Ahmm how about if you do it 2 times is that allowed???

  22. BROOOOO the AI definitely hit me with one of these and I was so confused how my pawn was captured

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