Sacrificed all the pieces one by one to win the game | Chess tactics | Brilliant game


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  1. Black d6
    White Rf7 #

    Missed the mate for forkymate 😅

  2. Kings gambit: Muzio variation, hang mate version

  3. Bro like 50 blunders and 200 misses

  4. I was looking at all the book moves and thought "damn these two GMs really know their theory" and then got hot with 70 mistakes

  5. Q.: Do you have any prior experience of playing chess?

    Le me: Yes Sir, I have loads of experience, tens of brilliant moves, hundreds of excellent moves, thousands of mistakes, lakhs of blunders, and crores of missed wins


  6. How tf did he miss mate in 1 yet he caught a brilliant sacrifice?

  7. Vienna Game, Max Lange Defense, Vienna Gambit–name of opening

  8. This is actually a game between Max Lange and Jenny von Schierstedt in 1856. The reason why there are so many blunders and mistakes is that they were playing capped knight odds.

    Here’s what that means: The stronger player takes White. He must deliver mate with his Knight that started at B1 or lose. The loss of the Knight or any normal draw situation results in a loss for the stronger player.

    Max Lange needed to checkmate with his knight on B1 to win, which he did.

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