rule : rules for playing chess / scary story from reddit r/ruleshorror /


rule : rules for playing chess / scary story from reddit r/ruleshorror /

1.) Find a dark room, preferably the basement. If you don’t have a basement, turn off all the lights and cover the curtains until it’s just about pitch black. You can leave the lights on until you’ve finished setting up so long as you know it will be pitch black when you do.

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Welcome to Creepypasta Rules . if you like Scary,Creepy,Horror stories with Rules then you are at right channel This creepypasta rules scary story is from the Nosleep subreddit.

This channel is pretty much dedicated to the discussion of creepy and scary stories with list of rules.

Whether you believe these scary stories to be true or not is left to your own discretion and imagination.

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  1. Where is the "always play en passant"? No cultured entity should ignore this gentlemanly rule

  2. The ending of the second story actually scared me

  3. Finally, one of these that is actually scary!

  4. I neither like nor know how to play to chess, so hah!

  5. The chess one sounded so wholesome, until the safety rules came.

  6. I love how our guy went from wanting 100 subs to having over 10k

  7. Question: What if i want to OFFER a draw? Am I expected to shake my opponents hand? Can my opponent offer me a draw? What do i do, when we habe insufficient material or perpetual check?

  8. Could my bed count as my chair and the guest will sit on the chair across the table?

  9. Everyone gangsta untill safety rules showed it self

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