Playing with Chess Board Pieces for ASMR w/ Instructions

Showing you how to play chess with a manual and making sounds with my new chess board and pieces. It is magnetic and it is by Amerous.

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  1. Or you just did it on purpose but Else a great ASMR video

  2. Amazing!!! I’ve always wanted to learn

  3. Listening as a refresher, I learned to play as a kid and I'd like to teach my fiance how to play.

  4. Lovely video Tony! Hope you’re doing well!

  5. Love ya Tony, you're so relaxing and voice is soothing✌️💖🤗🥰

  6. Pawns only take diagonally and cannot move backwards.

  7. ive never played chess so this was a calming introduction to the rules 😌

  8. I love the concept of watching you genuinely figuring something out or putting something together for a video! Idk, something about you reading the instructions and being like "oh okay now I get it" and so on was just 🤌🏻🤌🏻🤌🏻 thank you Tony!!

  9. My man plays chess?!? What a legend, I would’ve never guessed

  10. loved the video💗 tho the black queen should be parallel to the white queen (white queen white square, black queen black square) 😀

  11. Cute video. I have posted some new content if you have little time.

  12. When you opened the board to get to the pieces I let out an audible gasp. So cool! I want to get this board lol

  13. Pawns can either do one move or two moves

  14. You should really learn chess and come back to this video to see how much you've learned. That last game would be entertaining to watch lol.

  15. 28:11 thats a illegal move i think you thought it was an en passant but thats when the pawn is beside that pawn its hard to explain but Yeah

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