Playing Chess with the Devil On Halloween 👹♟

Are You playing chess with the devil this Halloween?
#halloween #chess #devil #christianity

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  1. Brother I prayed for your beautiful eyes Sir your marriage your daughter and mom my question is people that taken my gkids and won't give them back and these people have crystal around there neck and was born on hollowen

  2. Thank you pastor John Ramirez. Thank you for yoir wisdom. I am listening. Please let me know if I understand. Is playing chess game during the year a demonic game? My kids are learning to play chess in school. We dont celebrate Halloween. But again is playing chess game wrong?

  3. John I need your help my spirit is in the ground with a dead guy please you know what it is please break it renounche it Let I shrivel up and die In Jezus name thank you brother John ramirez

  4. Thank you for sharing this. I am no longer celebrating Halloween. The Lord showed me everything this year about Halloween. I also threw out the pumpkins in front of my niece and nephew house. I repented. I am a slave for Jesus.

  5. Thank you for this video….we have to pray for everyone that falls for that pagan celebration…God bless you and your family

  6. May God restore your whole body, mind, spirit, soul and the body, spirit, soul, and mind of your mum here on earth in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen 🙏 🎉Thank you Lord ❤
    I experienced several healings yesterday 😊

  7. John I need your help men pleaseee help me please your my brother right ? Please help me then ❤

  8. May God continue to bless you in your ministry pray you have a full recovery in Jesus name amen

  9. I pray for a rapidly healing 🙏 brother Jhon and your family. Jesus Christ is my personal doctor, and yours amen ❤

  10. Halloween is the only well known pagan holiday that was not taken over by Christianity, its also the start of the pagan year and the easiest time to talk to ghosts. As a witch its an important time for us and the only time of the year we get airtime on the news (except midsummer).

    You can believe what you think but let us be free to do what we want. No problem if you want to avoid it fully. You call it evil, but i know demons are no more evil than the Christian God. Happy to explain more if asked.

  11. Preach STRONG, John!!! We finish STRONG, to HONOR OUR MIGHTY GOD, JESUS!!! SON OF THE LIVING GOD! O MIGHTY LORD, RAPTURE YOUR PEOPLE!! WE ARE READY FOR BATTLE!! Call upon the hosy army, the SAINTS of the LORD GOD!! We stand united for the Lord God!!!

  12. I feel the anointing of David Wilkerson all over you! He prays for you!! We prepare for battle. The Saints of the LORD GOD are ready for battle!!

  13. Thank you for this testimony. I tell people I don’t celebrate halloween and they always make fun saying it’s just fun but I know better. Thank you for this information. Bless you and your faithfulness and may the Lord heal you and your mother 💜🙏💜

  14. I pray for you from my heart God is looking after you🎉

  15. I’m so thankful for you! Thank you for sharing this! Praying for you and your Mom!

  16. Thank you for exposing these lies ! I believe you and agree. It’s Jesus over everything .. not worth it!! My kids do NOT belong to the enemy . They are covered by the blood and o will not sit at the table with demons .. no .. we serve the Lord Jesus Christ !

  17. Brother John Ramirez can you see from your eye Brother in Jesus name increase the fire of the holy spirit in your eyes in Jesus christ increase the fire of fast recovery in Jesus name Amen

  18. AmericanJazzLady07 protected by Psalm 91 says:

    Please LISTEN TO JESUS COMPANY and one of their songs "YESHUA" It is blessed and will BLESS YOU!! Listen to their music. Listen to Michael W. Smith worship music.

    May the Lord God Yeshua Christ heal YOUR eyes so they never have a problem again in JESUS NAME. IF THATS OK WITH YOU FATHER GOD IN HEAVEN..

  19. I pray healing for you and your mother in Jesus name,Amen
    God bless you and your family, in Jesus name, Amen

  20. God bless you my brother glad to see you are still warning people about this evil, I tell you it's satan's best plan people still saying "oh it's just candy it's harmless it's for the kids" Yeah it sure it satan's after your kids and bought them with a 10 cent piece of candy. I' don't know If I've changed one mind about Halloween in 10 years but I still loose friends trying all we can do I guess

  21. Im a new believer and i dont want no parts of Halloween! Disney is demonic! Is crazy! Yes yes! They dont have to dress up! It can just be an informational service on why not to celebrate holloween! And times are hard now its crazy out there! Amen that hes delivered me from the world!

  22. Thank you so much for this edifying info i admite you i will also add you and ur mom to my prayers


  24. We love you and appreciate your wisdom mr ramirez may the most high heal your eyes

  25. We love you John Ramirez!! Thank you for these videos!!

  26. Hey everybody, my name is Patrice Darnell & since 2021 I have been going through something that I know is not normal & the only thing that makes sense to me is that I’m God, like Literally him & I know how that sounds but that’s the only thing that makes sense to me. I need direction , cause I would ask him about it and if feels like he would point the finger back at me, I said God give me direction & it felt like I became the direction like you ARE the direction and I’m like yooo. Cause look something has to be wrong , I can’t be God, this is not biblical , idk , like i feel like I don’t need to write this since I believe it but what if I’m wrong ? Like I need help, like prayers , a word from God, like I need someone to tell me straight up what’s going on cause I could be tweaking off my Witt’s here , why would he tell me the opposite of what he tell y’all, why is it okay for me to do things that others know is wrong, yk? Like please I need answers

  27. I love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ God the thought of celebrating a Day like Halloween is enough to make me permanently sick !!!!!!!!!!! I love god and hate Halloween!!!!!!!!!

  28. Tell them all straight up! Praise Jesus!

  29. Preach pastor John. Too many are blindly taking part in Halloween. I do warfare loud out at our shopping mall displaying these dark, evil to entise the innocent children. Wake up parents.!!! .Wake up you shepherds and lead your flock into Light…Jesus Christ.

  30. Thank you for sharing about your health and your Mom's. Will continue to pray in specifics.
    God bless, strengthen and protect you continually❤

  31. Our God is an Awesome God!!! He Reigns with Power and Love…He can heal you brother and I believe it. In Jesus Name

    Thank you for your service. You're a solider in the Army of the Living God.

  32. We ahh be lucky to make it through…Devil has hundreds of thousands of years of experience over you…We aint gonna beat him if he gets us cornered, unless Jesus shows up!

  33. Not celebrating Halloween thank you for telling the truth. You are already healed Pastor God bless you!

  34. I was in a demonic psychosis awake for 11 days in October 2015 when I started using ouija board and went to a satanic mass disguised as a concert . I’m so glad I happened upon this channel.

  35. Thank you John…I hope 🙏 people wii listen 👂

  36. I stand in agreement with all the others and the host of heaven and decree and declare Healing in the mighty name of Jesus!

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