Pepperoni pizza


  1. why take the pawn with the bishop tho

  2. Can't wait for this retarded comment section to say the exact same thing again.

  3. As a pepperoni I assure I am still on the pizza.

  4. i didn’t saw the live. Frank’s hands are seen from the camera, but the mouse is moving. correct me if i am wrong.

  5. Frank's comment section becoming more braindead every video

  6. Bro is so good he plays with no hands 🥵

  7. Frank is so good he can move the pawn with no hands

  8. Is it just me or does he come up with a new phrase every time

  9. If he took with pawn first he wouldve got queen lol

  10. As a pepperoni i can confirm i have been placed

  11. As a pepperoni, I can confirm I am still on the pizza.

  12. As a pepperoni, I can confirm I'm on a Pizza

  13. Frank found a trade winning a pawn and tempo on the queen and I can’t find a date

  14. As A Pepperoni, I Can Confirm I Was Still On The Pizza

  15. Would've won material if he had taken with the pawn instead of the bishop at first, but it's good he saw it

  16. Taking with knight rather than bishop seemed the best move to keep the pressure on.

  17. The pepperonis are still on the pizza made my day

  18. Why does his hand are not in the key board you can see it in the camera but the pawn is still clicking
    Is it delyed?

  19. He confess it work out failed instead of keep celebrating. He's improving.

  20. as a pepperoni, i can confirm i am still on the pizza

  21. As a pepperoni, I can confirm I'm still on the pizza.

  22. as a pepperoni i can confirm in still in the pizza

  23. Why did you take with the Bishop tho and not the pawn

  24. How did this guy think he is capturing all of his oponents pieces with premoves to actually doing good moves? Levy what did u do to him?

  25. How good he is becoming that too so fast. Might just be a GM

  26. As a pepperoni, I can confirm that I am still on the pizza.

  27. I love how he explains things. The pepperoni is still on the pizza is so genius wordplay for these types of situations.

  28. As pepperoni, I can confirm I am still there on the pizza

  29. As a peperoni, i can comfirm that I’m on the pizza

  30. You should have taken the pawn with the pawn so that if the queen goes off the diagonal the next pawn move would be a check winning the knight but if the queen stays on the diagonal then the next pawn move would win you material

  31. Should've taken with pawn and pushed the pawn the next move

  32. frank is becoming the main character in chess, and honestly, i'm all for it

  33. It was better to take with the pawn not with the bishop but nice move

  34. How is he tapping the piece even after he lifted his hand

  35. My god. More than half these comments are bots copying and pasting the same old joke.

  36. As a pizza i can confirm the pepperoni is on me 😊

  37. Levi will be disappointed again because he should have taken the pawn with his own pawn 😥.. And then with the bishop 😭…. Levi my man you thought him so much… You cared for him like he was your own sun…. He has definitely improved to a whole another level….

  38. Even though its just a trade its still a very good find. Keep it up frank!

  39. Shoulda took pawn with pawn then your still pinning the queen.. then take knight with knight and boom you gotchaself a queen and up a bishop.

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