Pepperoni pizza


  1. "The pepperonis are still on the pizza" 💀
    (not making fun of him, just found it funny)

  2. As a pepperoni, I can confirm.. (you already know)

  3. As a pepperoni, I can confirm.. (you already know)

  4. As a 1100 rated , frank is really getting better and better

  5. As the pepperoni I can confirm I am still on the pizza

  6. "As a human being, I can confirm that i breathe chemicals known and classified as Oxygen."

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  7. Taking with the pawn wouldve been better, because it forces the queen out of the way, and the next move will either be a discovered attack or check and you can win the knight. If the knight takes the pawn, the bishop can take the knight, pinning the queen and its defended by your knight

  8. The most impressive part about this video is how Frank can move his pieces without using his hands.

  9. Frank, your doing great my guy, but next time take with the pawn and if he takes with knight then you take his knight and pin the queen again, but if he moves the queen to safety you can push the pawn for a reveal check and an attack on the pony, and then u get urself a free pony

  10. okey Frank i have some advice for you, whan you make a thread think what the opponent will play, and make some threads thet is unstoppable not like this one this one was stopped i am saying like no pawns can block and no other piece's, and don't think of the BAD moves thet your opponent can play think of the moves thet make sense
    "and i am a 1000 so I can say this, i thank"

  11. As pepperoni, I can confirm I am still on the pizza.

  12. I'm convinced that frank has been a grandmaster all this time and has just been trolling us

  13. I'm glad for him to be honest, he's improving so fast!

  14. If he took with to the pawn first he would have gotten the queen

  15. "It's not as good as we hoped but the peperoni is still on the pizza." Words to live by.

  16. Pawn takes, queen of king moves. Pawn push, win the knight

  17. The comments section need to grow up just as frank did in chess

  18. Hd should take with pawn first to win the knight or queen

  19. As a pizza, I can confirm that the pepperoni is still on me

  20. If he wouldve taken with the horse the pawn and when the horse take the horse he takes bishop and it would still be a pin but yh he has improved

  21. Lost your bishop and a pawn for a knight and pawn? While losing the pin? Nah

  22. This was a good play, only thing i wouldve done differently would have been to take with the knight because you’re putting your pawns on the same file

  23. PEPPERONI PIZZA 🔥🔥‼️‼️🔥🔥🥵🥵🥵

  24. If you had taken with the knight instead of the knight you could have threatened a cheeky fork

  25. He shouldve taken the pawn with pawn e5 and the queen escapes and shouldve given a discovery check and attack the knight at the same time

  26. He could have won materials by taking the pawn with pawn

  27. As a pepperoni that fell off the pizza, I’m only good while still on the pizza

  28. You should have took pawn with pawn hitting queen once he moved his queen you push your pawn up one it’s a check and you win the knight

  29. Should've taken with the knight. 🙁

    Because after black knight takes, wherever the white queen goes to escape the pin, the queen is lost.

  30. Love how he can move the piece without his hand being on the mouse

  31. Shouldve taken the knight with ur knight for free

  32. Correct me if im wrong. If he took with the pawn isnt it winning? If his opponent takes with the knight, taking back with the bishop wins the queen, and if his opponent moves his queen to safety than moving the pawn is a discovered check while simultaneously winning the knight.

  33. shouldn't he had taken with the knight, and wherever black moves there is a knight discovered check winning the queen?

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