Pep Loses Chess Game | Winners & Losers

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Pep Loses Chess Game

Phil hosts Davo and Pete as Pep loses to Arsenal in a games of chess, Mac Allister faulters at Brighton and the recruitment at the AMEX strikes again.


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  1. No chance I’d get the overrated Brighton manager …klopp has done his dues to get this job don’t even put de De zerbi in the same bracket as klopp thought you fellas was better than that …..anyway lindjers is our next manager ….watch de zerbie fail at a bigger club reminds me of poch done well at Southampton had spurs playing exciting football all of a sudden he’s the media darling just like potter & now de zerbie ….we got the worlds best just a matter of time before these players click whatch us go excited AF come on reds YNWA guadiola is a fantastic manager by the way

  2. 100% agree with phil about the DM position. Klopps choices for midfieldets shows hes not as interested in a DM after seeing how its not sustainable in his system, and fab showed it. Since we picked up fab we have brought in around 7-9 midfielders by my count and only endo has been a true DM, and he barely plays. Klopps trying something different.

  3. loser of the week Pete for not understanding quckfire winners & losers.

  4. In a certain case you could add Man Utd as a loser of the week lads. They’re still garbage and their delusional fans now all think they’re back in business with that late win, but we all know it’s a false dawn after Brentford goalkeeper had truly awful last 5 minutes, he should pan away the ball for corner with Utd first goal and second goal should have catching it.

  5. Need Mac further forward, THEN you'll see him shine imo.

  6. Have to agree with Davo.
    My girlfriend has being saying it for just about the same time he has, that macca isnt doing well.I weas in denial.
    We all know hes playing in a different position but when i think back to the WC final, there is no way hes being caught on the ball like he was for the Brighton goal.

    get your head in the game . we know youre good.
    Show us.

  7. Damn, Davo came in double footed with that loser of the week. Bit harsh imo.

  8. Play Macallister where he is meant to be played im so sick of Jurgen and this club not getting the right players for the right positions secondly why did we let Fabinho go inthe first place thirdly Endo was nothing more than a panic buy after f#$king up the Ceicedo, Lavia deals and lastly not only do we have NO proper DM we also should have got another good Centre half

  9. This club just loves buying players with bad injury records Ox, Thiago, Gomez,Kieta and Konate

  10. If Arsenal win the league this season it will be because City have dropped off rather than Arsenal being better

  11. The games IS corrupt Phil. Refs are getting paid off to make decisions in a match.We were NEVER winning that game against spurs the refs willingly rigged the result of that game people say they are incompetent but that's bullshit they knew exactly what they were doing and personally im getting disillusioned with this game that is run by match fixing and bribes

  12. The refs are always losers of the week as far as im concerned

  13. Pete is an absolute clown referring to the south American champions league as a crazy tournament is a disgusting comment also referring to andre as that "Brazilian boy" really Pete!
    Then he praises Taylor Swift for having a go at Trump
    Taylor who wanks on about climate change but flys a private jet everywhere
    Check your privilege Pete

  14. Fab was really strong receiving the ball from defensive to midfield and v Rarely lost it, especially with his back to goal. With trent playing were he does now we have lost trents crosses in to the box and he one best crosses going ,virg pass was poor and again ref let us down as they shud of been down 10. Brighton as usual lifted there game and gave us such little time in midfield.

  15. I absolutely love you guys. You provide a view of football that I can't hear anywhere else.

  16. Are we actually ruining McAllister's confidence by playing him in a 6.

  17. What's going on with Endo? Why isn't Klopp playing him? Cast your mind back to when Klopp bought Robbo from Hull. Klopp didn't play him for months and all hands were mystified. Then Klopp introduced him after months of 'tuition' and he was nothing like the player we bought for buttons at £8m. Maybe that is what Klopp is doing with Endo…

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