PART 1: Piers Morgan vs Andrew Tate In Romania | Latest Interview

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WARNING: Strong language is used in this interview.

Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined by Andrew Tate for a third interview, one year on from his initial arrest in Romania. In part one of this interview, Andrew goes into detail about his treatment within the Romanian prison system and why he feels he is being ‘targeted’ by ‘The Matrix’ and the legal authorities.

Piers questions Andrew on some of his recent tweets about women and whether what he’s posted is misogynistic and also asks him what ‘The Matrix’ actually is and how it works – plus the controversial influencer discusses his history of working with women in the ‘Camgirl’ industry and more.

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  1. Why do these journalists constantly try to make out everything is negative.
    The Web cam stuff – who gives a shit really. Women are doing OF and it's considered by most a normal way of life now – F that

    Jay Z sold drugs before he was famous…….. again no one cares

  2. Piers please stop giving this screaming man child a platform.

  3. Exponentially? Enough fear mongering Piers, it's been proven to be a lie and all the intelligent people knew this on day 1. It's the flu. The flu kills weak bodies as it always has. Also, no one lives forever so stop saying death is so horrible. The world is so full of weaklings these days.

  4. two gods fighting against each other same as in greek time

  5. Just to be clear; The only people that died on January6th, were the protesters…..

  6. What did you think about in jail?
    Tate, people like you and the bbc will make money spreading lies about me and when I get out you'll want to interview me to carry on pushing the lies.

  7. He asserts himself by who screams the loudest… he's a master of Tic Toc masks, who has learned to manipulate the emotions of young people and occasionally ignorance. I think he spat on Piers when he was talking lol. Piers had no chance in front of him, he had 6 months in prison to practice anger and what he has to say.

  8. Andrews Sharp, quick ninja moves were way to on point than old piers Morgan 😂😂😊😊🙌🙌

  9. Absolutely a man should provide for his wive and be a man. Being a wive and mother is a full time job.

  10. Piers says no one was forced but a lot of people would have lost their job if they didn’t get it. So physically forced?.. no but given a choice of employment or no employment, a lot of people had no choice..

  11. I can’tttt with Andrew tateee “ are you a fan pears” with a big smile , he’s just the best man alive 🤣🤣🤣

  12. I'm a woman I work I prefer to stay at home have a man who will give me all I need and have beautiful babies please men 🙏 man up we are suffering here because you're not being a real real man

  13. I swear, here in Philippines. During "fake pandemic", they spread that death are increasing because of Covid, and those diagnostic with Covid with bad condition will get some money to pay for their diseases. Doctors tagging patients a covid patient so thosr patient can get medical assistance, so if they survive or die, they can be added to their "fake pandemic" record and people fear that sht lol. I never believe that pandemic show but I have no choice, I can't work to office if I don't have this silly vaccine. Since I live alone and not relying to my parents, I have no choice but to get that sht vaccine. If my income is stable with lot of savings during that day then I won't take it but this Government force us to be apart on their comedic show lol

  14. The hardest men cry in the shower in prison so nobody can tell. He's Lying.

  15. @andrewtate bro if you get your stuff back sell it homes and all police and government prolly bugged the hell of of your property. (Bugged technically of course.)

  16. You gotta love how Tate knows that Piers an agenda compliant matrix puppet.

  17. Phenomenal interview. Piers trying to corner him with a question and him using his aikido never gets old haha

  18. Piers are extremely annoying. Cuts everyone off, he argues instead of asking questions. he acts like a dad to Tate .. he’s not a journalist, he’s a dad and thinks everyone is his children old fart

  19. Every day he has teenage boys coming up to him asking him about Andrew tate now that's a lie sir

  20. Piers makes me sick I literally think less of anyone who sits down with him for an interview

  21. These two love eachother I think piers morgan will be transformed into the second top G ❤

  22. If it wasn't for the Tate brothers, Romania wouldn't be getting the level of tourism it's ever received.

  23. Would love to see piers and andrew go to Glastonbury festival together

  24. why should we assume that people that have not been convicted are innocent? becuase that's how it works Piers. Innocent until proven guilty. I know the media does the exact opposite but some of us remember due process.

  25. My favourite part that had me in stitches was the you loverboyed me. 😂 😅

  26. Everytime they talk, they talk about the same things and nothing get solved, improved or changed.
    They talk about male and female relationships, who cares? If a man wants to be dominant in his relationship and the woman is okay with it, then good.
    If the woman wants to work, or doesnt want to work, who the hell gives a shit.
    Look, l dont support or condemn either one of them, but l genuinely think now, it is just two very successful men on the Internet talking about shit thay wont help anyone but themselves.

  27. Nailed him Piers. Just because one is loud and opinionated doesn't mean one is right.

  28. This is like a a movie. Andrew’s the guy popping up on your TV telling you how we’re in a psyop.

  29. Wtf! COVID just stood up and disappeared across the globe???

  30. In Scotland we have a word for cobra Tate, "Bam"

  31. I think Tate was reading my quora answers.

  32. With how intelligent Piers is and does not know that January 6th was orchestrated from inside tells me this guy leans very liberally to the left. Ignorant or just paid to say stupid $hit like this.

  33. Respect to Piers for managing this interview. There are aspects Tate is ridicolous and stupid and he proved them perfectly. Most other people cant do it because he is smart

  34. Can't believe Piers is still trying to uphold the COVID narrative.

  35. Convert to Islam 😂😂😂😂 this man is giving dawah 👌👌👌♥️

  36. I didn't think Piers were that stupid. But again why would he try to say what he thinks of them he could get cancelled.

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