PART 1: Piers Morgan vs Andrew Tate In Romania | Latest Interview

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WARNING: Strong language is used in this interview.

Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined by Andrew Tate for a third interview, one year on from his initial arrest in Romania. In part one of this interview, Andrew goes into detail about his treatment within the Romanian prison system and why he feels he is being ‘targeted’ by ‘The Matrix’ and the legal authorities.

Piers questions Andrew on some of his recent tweets about women and whether what he’s posted is misogynistic and also asks him what ‘The Matrix’ actually is and how it works – plus the controversial influencer discusses his history of working with women in the ‘Camgirl’ industry and more.

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  1. Piers agrees with must of the points Andrew made
    Then why the arguments?.

  2. If he is good or bad. I think Allah is teaching him something. I hope he gets to make halal money and be humble later in life. The strongest of men had to go through jail. I hop it help him become a better person.

  3. If Andrew Tate was in Russia, he would never have been arrested. Snowden’s moved there for a reason.

  4. ❤❤❤❤❤❤🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

  5. Piers needs to watch this video later and hear/see how stupid he sounds. Andrew totally obliterated Piers and his world government bias.
    Why is Piers so focused on helping the Romanian govt find where Andrew has stashed his other millions… 😂 Love how Andrew went off script and back on script later about money he's stashed elsewhere…
    It's called offshore banking…for a reason.

  6. i’m not the biggest andrew fan i obviously like him because i’m watching this but every time he gets interviewed by this guy peirs sounds like he has an iq of 75. the most stupid questions i’ve ever heard from an interviewer

  7. I'm glad Piers got educated. To bad he did not listen. It was golden opportunity for Pirrs to learn about life.

  8. Piers has no shame. Imagine having the nerve to get upset at Party Gate whilst he himself was holidaying in Antigua during the lockdowns.

  9. I stopped listening after he started talking about Street fighter. At that point I can't believe anything that he says 😅

  10. Piers bro code membership has been suspended and under review…more to follow as the investigation continues 😂😂😂


  12. Bro said "I dont date woman that work" he didnt say "No woman on earth should work"
    If I am not mistaken Piers had in the past defended people who said they wouldnt date fat woman.
    Andrew is talking about personal preference and not about every woman on the planet. How is he so stupid???

  13. So if science said murder people piers would obey without question

  14. They know how to f..king up strawman life. Specially if they knew they have lot of martial and financial gain. They don't give a s..t about the rest of the family member. How they going to making it..

  15. Have a feeling this man is not the man he says he is, just not mentally all there 😭😂

  16. Where is the presumption of innocence until proven guilty?

  17. This Tate guy does not understand the meaning of life or happiness; you can tell from the distance how misserable he really is ( has nothing to do with going to jail). He is still in the process of understanding himself and the Universe. He simply discovered a layer of the Matrix and he is making all of his statements on his basic understanding. He is still far from his own true, he still acts like a victim but he cannot see it. His shadow is still the leading role of his life.

  18. Tate speaks truth 💯 there will be 3 ppl that never had the covid jab him me and my daughter

  19. He made piers look like a lgbtqai+- supporter 🤣👌

  20. Andrew is right. He just cannot control his tongue and this dark confused world just want someone to persecute for rocking the boat because it puts everyone in a position whereby they have to face this truth and take a side and quite frankly no one wants to do that thats why their is so rarely anyone to speak up. Like Piers said he shouldn't be made to be quiet because impressionable kids which misinterpret what hes saying. If anything they should direct this same energy toward the trans movement which is clearly and directly targeting young and impressionable minds. Many wont like what hes saying because theyve grown accustomed to ways of living but his sentiment i agree with. I do want a man who can provide. Is there a fine line between a loving wholesome man with morals and a man whom wants to manipulate and control, yes! but unfortunately does men are everywhere, rich or poor! We need to look into the themes he is talking about and instead of attacking him for his mistakes, move that energy toward the real enemy which is big corps and govenments in their pockets. Simple

  21. He’s essentially a cult leader and if you follow him you need to reconsider your mental health and general mental capacity.

    If you need another man to tell you how to be a man, you’re already mistaken.

    Being a man is simple, be the man you want to be, there are no definitions, just be the man YOU want to be, and stick to it.

    Following a grifter like this says more about you than it does him.

  22. Piers Morgan is a puppet of matrix and MSN 😡

  23. I'll give Piers Morgan some credit. He has his moments in this interview when he is on top of things.

  24. Pissed myself laughing every time Piers Morgan read out Andrew Tate's tweets!!!!!!!
    If you can get passed the misogynistic stuff, Tate is one of the few people who are brave enough to speak against the matrix. 👏

  25. The fact that so many young kids look up to a pimp is what’s going to get us all nuked in WW3

  26. Tate just got transformed in that cell over the year. Let us all pray for him.

  27. Lets all take a moment to thank piers for being a guest on Andrews show.

  28. starting today i'll misuse the term i'm doing my very best

  29. I really watched this and thought piers was just trynna get him to crack. But i think i realise hes just playing devils advocate, ruling out everything that andrew could be accused of. So that no matter what anyone says, his message is clear as crystal. Piers hit every contriversal thing hes been accused of, and tate explains himself very clearly.

  30. I don't understand why people care so much about tates traditional values like they can't believe he has those views but yet a 10 yr old boy can have his dick removed cuz he thinks he's a girl and that's completely normal

  31. Tate for King pure genius they took everything 😊

  32. Odd how almost all the comments pertain to laughing at the interview. Feels botted

  33. J6 wasn't a riot where people died Piers! 1 protestor was killed. That's completely different

  34. I enjoy all of Andrew's interviews and all the podcasts he has been on. But this one was just cringing. Not because of andrew but the stupidity of Piers questions. Find a new job Piers

  35. I dont cry, i just make the water run😎😂🙅🏿‍♂️

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