Oh My God! Chess rules can get really complex!

The FIDE Handbook covers all the laws of chess. However, there are often cases which are so complex that they are not so easy to foresee. Here’s an example from the World Rapid 2022 where Ehsan Ghaem Maghami was playing with the white pieces against Mustafokhuja Khusenkhojaev. It was a rook + bishop vs rook endgame and it went on for a long time. The entire hall was waiting for this game to end so that the next round pairings could come up. However, it was not to be. There was the very important 75-move rule that cropped up in this game, as well as the changing of points in the next round after the pairing is published. These are the kind of rules, which not many people are aware of. Check out the video and let us know your thoughts on the entire incident.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. how come 2300 elo player forgets to claim 50 move rule.

  2. the loser of the game lost as well a few hair in the process, which is unfair

  3. Who is lady photographer in back ground

  4. the arbiters ovelooked the 75 move rule they should have waited and stopped the match right away. anyway they correct themselves at the end.

  5. Is it the final decision the game is draw with the rule game after 75 moves since some one caught one piece of opponent even the oppoment is resign? isnt it

  6. I sometimes hate chess. A lot of chess players are arrogant and don't play the gentlemen's game. I remember a true story in a chess club where a girl beat all the players and every player she beat they had an excuse like they didn't sleep well or they were sick

  7. You need to have a degree in rocket science to understand this

  8. This Ghaem guy is always involved in these… He just complains

  9. Why some people don't know how to hold a camera?

  10. Why is there a Christmas song in the background?

  11. Sir will you please make a detailed video on 50 move or 75 move rules 😢

  12. The arbiter doesnt know how to properly speak english himself and doesn't even understand the rule.

  13. For those who are confusedThe difference between the 50-move rule and the 75-move rule is as follows:In the first case (where 50 moves are played without any piece or pawn being captured and without any pawn being moved), the player (either of the two) has the RIGHT to claim a draw, and the referee must grant it if requested. However, if neither player claims it, then the referee allows them to continue playing.On the other hand, in the second case (where 75 moves are played without any piece or pawn being captured and without any pawn being moved), the referee MUST intervene and declare the game a draw.Similarly, just as there is the rule of threefold-repetition, there is also the rule of fivefold-repetition. Again, in the first case (where the same position is repeated three times on the chessboard with the same possible moves), the player has the RIGHT to claim a draw. In the second case (where the same position is repeated five times on the chessboard with the same possible moves), the referee MUST intervene and declare the game a draw.

  14. You and your colleagues didn't do anything close to good

  15. Everyone should be forced to speak the common language of English whilst a match is still in play.

  16. On several occasions the arbitrage of this tournament was ridiculously poor.

  17. I'm new to chess. does the loser have to reset the board after the game?

  18. The video starts at 3:58.Before that it's really stupid 🤔So the system doesnt show an alert showing repetition if any?They dont really know.Really amazing with such technologies nowadays.

  19. I hate people like Ehsan Ghaem Maghami who know nothing about being sporting and fair – these people will win at any cost including cheating. he let himself down. Also the organiser too a very simple issue and made it complicated – rules are rules and it was a simple and easy decision to make. These people may be good at remember chess moves but collectively they appear pretty useless. They really needed to have intervened immediate after the completion of move 75 (after the last take) and so they themselves caused the issue. A simple change in the code could have flagged this was happened (on the laptop) and so they could have been ready. @16:32 he means to say 'No' bit he say 'yes' – no wonder no one know wtf is happening when people don't know the difference between yes and no – its not within 50 moves , its after 50 moves! It was a simple situation and the correct outcome was made (I hope dignity will come to chess soon)

  20. Great content. Thanks for uploading. 👍

  21. Where there is tragedy and comedy there is anish giri

  22. Automate the damm thing. I'll provide the code for it

  23. Anish in the background enjoying the game and the conversations ofc.

  24. Some of the rules should probably be updated for Modern chess. Now that we have recorded boards, there's no point in having the system of a claim, is there? Or atleast have a different rule set for DGT board tourneys, for the sake of saving time.

  25. Instead of preparing for next round.. why is Anish enjoying this conversation so much? 😂

  26. Time will come chess will be easy, no drama and complications.

  27. When the arbiters noticed its 73rd move,they could have waited for 2 more moves n stop them after 75th move.They could easily see that 75th move have crossed but they dnt stop them.

  28. Was this dude planning to play forever in a dead drawn game?

  29. All these problems are avoidable if it's played on a computer

  30. It's not complex, the parties didn't just know their parts to play

  31. I'm confused, at 9:04, can white not checkmate with Bb6+ and backrank mate?

  32. So what was the result at the end he won or later it was just draw??

  33. why did he suggest he should write the moves, its not even classical time control and if u both are down 5 minutes you can choose not to right down ur moves

  34. Shows how absent-minded chess players can be at times, under pressure of course!!! Khusenkhojaev basically made 70+ moves, possibly laser focused on defending and trying to find a situation where the position has been repeated 3 times, so he could claim draw, but completely either forgot about or ignored the 50 move rule!!!

    U would imagine that chess players, who can recall even their old games from the top of their head, would be able to "guess" that at least 50 moves have been made when they have actually made as many as 70+!! But, guess not..

    Even then, at least at the point of resignation, Khusenkhojaev should claim a 50-move draw rather than just resign, because he has absolutely nothing to lose at that point. If the claim is wrong, then he resigns anyway!! But, he resigned straight away.

    (In fact, the optimal solution would to be play it out till opponent has mate-in-1 and then claim 50-move draw, so as to give the claim the best possible chance to succeed, but at the very least, claim draw instead of outright resigning).

    And the same situation of resigning instead of just claiming draw was ALSO seen in another game of yesterday, covered on the Chesscom India channel, though that was after exactly 50 moves!!

  35. So the arbiters were there since the 73rd move, but they didn’t step in at the 75th move. The arbiter should have stepped in immediatly at the 75th move and said it was a draw

  36. Please anyone explain what is the deference between warning & illegal…it is very confusing

  37. The arbiters were busy photo bombing Magnus and co 'look wife it's me!'

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