Oh My God! Chess rules can get really complex!

The FIDE Handbook covers all the laws of chess. However, there are often cases which are so complex that they are not so easy to foresee. Here’s an example from the World Rapid 2022 where Ehsan Ghaem Maghami was playing with the white pieces against Mustafokhuja Khusenkhojaev. It was a rook + bishop vs rook endgame and it went on for a long time. The entire hall was waiting for this game to end so that the next round pairings could come up. However, it was not to be. There was the very important 75-move rule that cropped up in this game, as well as the changing of points in the next round after the pairing is published. These are the kind of rules, which not many people are aware of. Check out the video and let us know your thoughts on the entire incident.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. OFCOURSE when there is potential for drama, anish magicly shows up out of nowhere

  2. The kid is just roaming in between. Aimless. Is the kid the same player who made the mistake of playing rook with both his hands and then losing on time?

  3. Poetic justice, White was being far less than sporting even if keeping within the rules through forceful arguments, and then got a tough paring for his next round and his undeserved win did not register in any case due to the 75 rule. This goes to show that the rules are one thing, but sportsmanship is quite another. You forgo being sporting at your own peril – sooner or later what goes around comes around!

  4. why is he looking like sergey karyakin in his childhood

  5. Amazingly explained at the end!
    Thank you for including that, made the video complete

  6. Probs to the female arbiter who cared about the players' rights.

  7. Anish will become chief Arbiter once he retired… 😄

  8. Claim that after opponents move position repeated 3x was correct, it’s already repeated after Iranian player move 3x. But Iranian played card that Uzbek player had to announce his intention to move and then position will be repeated. Uzbek player didn’t have to announce his intention to repeat. Position repeated after Iranian player move.

  9. Chess arbiters do seem to have a knack for incompetence.

  10. Arbiter can call draw after 75 moves, or must call a draw?

  11. It is so dumb to wait for a player to claim the 50 moves rule in rapid or blitz chess, so idiotic, they really think a player can count the moves while struggling to defend a complex endgame ? Even in classical chess we can see players checking their sheets twice to ensure they can claim a draw for a three fold repetition or with the 50 moves rule…

  12. The arbiters themselves forgot the rules, simple

  13. Improper draw claim (3fold repetition) 8:45 opponent receives additional time.

  14. the number of times they said "but he doesn't speak English" … I just want him to jump out of the chair and slap somebody and say " I do speak it but I liked it better when all the GMs only spoke Russian!"
    .. actually is it Russian he was speaking?

  15. Only solution for this remove sec increment

  16. Atleast they just need to check 150 moves…

  17. The worse pairings is a minor difficulty increase and the best compromise for that situation.

  18. DGT clocks are way outdated, both electronic boards and the clock itself. Clock should at least show move count, so that players may reference current move count from last capture.

  19. Waste of time. Have some honor ffs, admit a draw.

  20. this guy Ehsan , he makes fuss with everyone, today he had some issue with a kid too. male Karen🙄😒

  21. Obviously there were ot enough refereees to mess it up 😉

  22. 3:28 omfg white had the check mate move on his palm …… White Tower C1, Black D1, White Bishop G3, Black King F1, White Tower eats tower, check mate

  23. the arbiter fucked up. I feel bad for Mustafokhuja Khusenkhojaev

  24. The white player is obviously an asshole and didn't even set his pieces for a new game.

  25. Chess….going into a difficult place at the moment.

  26. The guy playing white is so dodgy. He got in a massive argument with a kid in the rapid.

  27. The players reached an agreement (1-0). Doesn't that end all discussion?

  28. I saw Kramnik's replica in this video (shifted 15 years forward in time)! And arbiter Ana is very lovely (I'd love to see her wearing short dress)

  29. Arbiters need to stand their ground and not allow to get bossed around by the players.

    Arbiters need to realize that most chess players are soft. Hit them with a WARNING and they will be back in their shell. Trust me.

  30. 5:11
    The drawish Giri was smiling 😅
    The king of draw of all time supported the three fold reputation and any position hold to the draw😀

  31. As an arbiter i wanna say there were two rules happened
    1.The 75 moves with out capture any piece
    2. The resign
    So the arbiter ask what happened first .. it's the 75 rule so he claimed the draw

  32. Great explanation by the official admin (arb.) in the end, sounded like a correct decision

  33. Love this channel. In depth, cool. It's hard to be an arbiter, indeed. Personally I feel much more comfortable watching this in a comfortable chair with my coffee next to me. Phew.

  34. But why was the threefold repetition claim rejected? Was there no such repetition or was it because of the formality the white player was complaining about?

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