Oh My God! Chess rules can get really complex!

The FIDE Handbook covers all the laws of chess. However, there are often cases which are so complex that they are not so easy to foresee. Here’s an example from the World Rapid 2022 where Ehsan Ghaem Maghami was playing with the white pieces against Mustafokhuja Khusenkhojaev. It was a rook + bishop vs rook endgame and it went on for a long time. The entire hall was waiting for this game to end so that the next round pairings could come up. However, it was not to be. There was the very important 75-move rule that cropped up in this game, as well as the changing of points in the next round after the pairing is published. These are the kind of rules, which not many people are aware of. Check out the video and let us know your thoughts on the entire incident.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. I'm just surprised by how some of these top players lack a basic knowledge of the rules. Not to sound condescending of course, but when you're about to get mated / lose a piece, just stop the clock, call the arbiter, check for 50 moves, and if yes, it's a draw, and if no, you resign. I know when you have seconds on the clock, sometimes you forget this, but come on, you're playing a rook and bishop against a rook endgame, your only realistic chance of drawing is 50 moves rule. It must always be up to your mind.

  2. @ChessBase India The arbiter could explain this so much simplier. But not all have an iq of 300. The arbiter should have had a video showing the situation.

    The arbiter should have said this: The guy stopped playing because he thought it was a three-fold repetition. The guy's claim was rejected. The guy's opponent got 2 mins extra time. Then the game continued. In the continuation of the game, the guy's time ran out resulting in the guy's opponent winning the chess-game.

  3. game is obviously way beyond 50 moves. just take the draw and be classy dude.

  4. Looks like this guy is hecking love crying about things instated of winning

  5. I love the Christmas carols playing in the background. Slightly surreal.

  6. why is sped up chess so funny, broken humour

  7. This is absurd. It's chess. A board game. Stuff like this just makes me lose all interest and think everyone just has sticks in their butts. This makes an HOA meeting look fun.

  8. Even a world championship tournament of chess looks as random and ill managed as my school's annual sports events. Girl roaming with a laptop screen. Players are all together discussing and trying to clear the air of uncertainty.

  9. 11:10 Amidst all the drama and tension, the soothing "Silent Night" goes off in the background. Irony, I guess!

  10. FIDE impresses me with their comprehensive rules. Seems to cover every single whacky thing that can occur. eSports in general could learn a lot from FIDE.

  11. Bro this is a dead draw endgame and he refuses a draw after 70 boring moves 😩😩

    Edit: My bad, today I learned that the position at the end is even winning for the attacker 8)

  12. As usual arbiters not enforcing the rules is the problem

  13. that plot twist with the pairings. intersting stuff, very kind interview.

  14. Saakar (साकार) Chess Ambarnath says:

    Even in the last position of forced mate, can he claim a draw instead of resigning or is it only arbiter's right to intervene?

  15. I’m just wondering, why don’t they have a software that detects things like 3 folds repetitions or 75 no-capture-moves, and just automatically stop players from playing. Or does one of the two players have to declare a draw in order for the rule to take effect?

  16. This is the second time I see a controversial video with this old guy. He is trouble!
    (To make the claims of "the kid" video comments.)

  17. Who plays 75 moves without taking a piece? People like this drive me insane.

  18. What if the old man lost on time after 76 move rule?Is it still considered a draw?

  19. I lowkey wished this blue shirt guy throw somekind of a gesture to that broom-haired looking guy.

  20. doesnt clock count the moves? it would be so simple to implement….

  21. I swear to god that redhead is literally looking for someone in every video I see 😂

  22. When the player tried to resign, the game already was over, it had ended in a draw. Therefor, the resignation was void, the game is a draw.

  23. I wish that the guy playing white gets all the shit he does back to him 100 times over. He well deserves it.

  24. 75 moves after last capture the game ends. Whatever is done after that is not part of the game. that's my take on this

    9.6 If one or both of the following occur(s) then the game is drawn:

    9.6.1 the same position has appeared, as in 9.2.2 at least five times.

    9.6.2 any series of at least 75 moves have been made by each player without the movement of any pawn and without any capture. If the last move resulted in checkmate, that shall take precedence.

  25. Idk anything. I thought this was where they call a draw and both win/win

  26. Looks like a robbery when big crowd of arbiteres with computers jast push instead of doing their job. Ridiculous…

  27. King of all Draws appear for second, why im not suprised;)

  28. But what happens if the opponent mated after 55 or 60 move without claiming a draw?

  29. Time to play: how many arbiters does it take to draw a game.

  30. That older guy isn't a chessplayer: he's a conman. Disgusting that things like these can happen in tournament. Playing online you simply wouldn't be allowed to continue and the draw would be forced immediately. The guys aren't even writing their moves, of course it's easy to miss it, and the younger guy seemed totally unaware of it. From the few videos I have seen about this tournament, I get two things: tournaments aren't worth it, and arbiters are useless.

  31. all ok but whats ginny weasley doin in a chess tourney?lol

  32. Chessbase India has been fantastic bringing such missable moments for ppl away from the scene….thanks for that.
    Is it possible sagar to do a video on the most important chess rules (outside of the basic ones) players must know which will help during such Grey situations?
    For ex , black just uttered some wrong rule, had it been 50 move rule, he would not have been required to go through this stress and would have been easy going with both players for the next round (without pairing complexity as well).

  33. Maghami missed a forced mate by the end. Nonetheless, the game would’ve ended in a draw

  34. Can someone explain why threefold repetition was rejected?

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