New CHESS Rule

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  1. Yo yo yo the new chess update is looking fire

  2. I feel like thats one of the downsides of castling long though

  3. Bro is trynna make a new chess update

  4. Idea?
    Nah bro i use highdea
    It's way better 💀💀

  5. I always thought this was the rule until I played online and it in fact didn’t

  6. Okay I think I’m gonna make O-O-O-O to O-O-O-O-O

  7. O-O short castle. O-O-O long castle. O-O-O-O far castle

  8. Why won't they add battlepasses and add skins for the pieces?

  9. Nobody who smokes weed ever says "highdea". Either this is like an East coast thing or Levy's makin this up.

  10. i actually thought that's how it works up until 3 months ago (that's how they teached me when i was a kid)

  11. I literally thought of this when I was like 9

  12. i was the whole time wondering, if short or long castle was the better one, but with this definitefly it is long castle

  13. When i was a kid playing with my classmates that was exactly how we played it. We thought it was supposed to be like that. The other misunderstanding we had that pissed me off so much was that draw by repetition can happen when done by one player, not just both. I was better than most kids so they would opt with drawing by repeating a move 3 times 😂

  14. Lol jokes on you, I long castle like that all the time…

  15. When my dad taught me chess, I did think you could do that

  16. I dont think the lazy King would move that far in one move.😑😑

  17. Why he talk about weed like it’s a class presentation

  18. I still miss the vertical castle cause that was great

  19. imagine saying something to Levy and then getting roasted by him in front of million of people😂😂

  20. Honestly this would be cool, mabye it could do something for like an opening, all i can think of is like a variation of the italian where you play long castle kingside

  21. I've been waiting for this update for my whole life. Totally not because I used to do it that way by not knowing what long castling actually looks…

  22. I had the same idea a couple months ago. It could Def get some unique outcomes

  23. Can i get a castle? Queen side, hold the bishops and extra long?

  24. It's not that unreasonable. After all, the rules of castling are complicated, and the process of getting the whole chess-playing world to agree on the same rules took some time. And this was in the 19th century, long after the birth of modern chess (with its queens, bishops and pawn-two) ~1470.

  25. It is not a new thing. In Italy the Castle was made moving freely the king and the rook everywhere between e1 and h1 (short) or e1 and a1 (long), until 1881.

  26. update the laws of the game. we need something new

  27. You should play the best psychological horror game that exists
    5D chess

  28. How bout… a chess variant where pawns had the same mobility as the king.. 😶

    Another idea was a chess variant where the board can wrap around on the left and right boarders. 💁‍♂️

  29. Beo! Ive been thinking of this ever since i learned what castling was!

  30. That set up is been used for a VERY LONG TIME!!!

  31. IK I'm not the only one thinking this but I just wanna say it, you should be able to caste long and short on both long and short, right? That'd definitely be a great new rule for Chess 2

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