NASTY Chess Trap

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  1. You can still go knight c8 but white would still be winning

  2. There was a tiktoker that did these bits before Levy. Can't remember his channel name but those were funny.

  3. Knight to c8 prevents that immediate checkmate, although white will be up a lot of material.

  4. First I've heard of the Ponziani. 😁😁

  5. Black could have just blocked with the knight instead of the queen…

  6. what if the opponent played Nc8 instead of the queen

  7. What if instead of using pawn on d6 black captures your pawn on d5?

  8. That was awesome. I feel I should learn chess

    King: na your pawn will now deliver checkmate and you will protect ir

  10. wait wat if knight takes the pawn?

  11. Knight C8 protects tho only for a little bit longer

  12. He could just bring the horse in between right

  13. Bishop C5 instead of moving back the knight block it. I guess

  14. Cant you just block the check with the Knight?

  15. What if black plays f6 instead of d6?

  16. I play this strategy…somehow, anyway great video

  17. Jesus that’s actually really good opening and it works since the moves needed are nomal

  18. Thanks. I checkmated my opponent in 12 moves after watching this video

  19. he could've blocked with the knight tho, right?

  20. Im play this game using blitzkrieg tactic

  21. Wait why couldn’t black use the knight in front of the king to block the check from the graduated pawn

  22. Black can defend the check with the knight

  23. I have made a chess game with someone and I hit 90 accuracy without cheats. Wow!

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