Mikhail Tal’s Best Chess Games | Greatest Moves, Sacrifices, Tactics, Traps, Strategies & Ideas

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Here’s one of the greatest chess games ever played between Bukhuti Gurgenidze (white pieces) & Mikhail Tal (black pieces) at the 24th Soviet Chess Championship in Moscow in 1957. Reviewing this game we’ll learn how to play & sacrifice like the magician. We’ll analyze his strategy, moves, ideas & tactics. Mikhail Tal made a name for both himself and the Benoni defense with his fantastic victories on the black side. Playing Gurgenidze in the Soviet Chess Championship of 1957, Tal setup a great trap by making a knight sacrifice & also offering a queen sacrifice to mate his opponent! Following this game we can learn important Chess Lessons like power of attacking a weak color, mating patterns (Boden’s mate) & the power of using all your pieces to target the opponent’s king. I also have an interesting endgame chess puzzle at the end of this video, let’s see if you can solve that.


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  1. Puzzle : White Queen to d2 position….

    Exchanging queens seems like giving the game too much in favor of the blacks…..

  2. Exchange queens and white pawn simply touches the other end of the board

  3. queen takes queen pawn takes queen h4 e4 king c3 e3 or king moves but if king moves h5 and if e3 king d3 and you can take the pawn and black has no way to take whites pawn and you can promote to a queen.

  4. Both the queen and rook don’t know what to do😆😆😆😆

  5. Aapka jo English bolne ka style bahut achha lagta hai Sir..😊😊🥰🥰

  6. 99% will think it's a fake thumbnail. Thank u for not using thumbait. Hatt off to you and Tal.

  7. “Both the Queen and took dunno what to do” is probably the funniest thing I have heard today

  8. Queen to c3, giving the opponent an option to take down my queen first. If the opponent does, I'll take down the queen with the king. Here the opponent pawn on d6 will remain locked. If he doesn't agree to the queen exchange, I'll move the queen to c6 and carry on the game.

  9. Best chess channel. Concentrating on the match only… Others go so deep into what could have happened discussion, we loose interest.

  10. Vishwanathan Anand won against him.
    But Tal is my fav. player🥰

  11. Just started playing after so many years…… your videos are helpful….👍👍👍👍

  12. I will not exchange queen👸👸👑 because white have 4 pones,and black have 5 pones

  13. Nothing special..Just another queen sacrifice

  14. Mikhail Tal: has only 1 pawn left

    His enemy: has promoted every one of his pawns into queens and still has everything

    Mikhail Tal: Omg what’s that behind you!

    His enemy who turned his back: What

    Mikhail Tal who flipped the board and brainwashed everyone that he was winning: How about you just resign so we can end this already

    His enemy: Okay

  15. When they played against Tal and he sacrifies something…they knew they were screwed

  16. You are the Indian man of chess on YouTube. Thank you

  17. I laughed when I heard him saying 'the queen and rook don't know what to do'

  18. White Queen d4×e5, white pawn h4 & than h5….to be continue…

  19. K*C3.. only 2 main pieces we can look forward to defend the kind obv and queen.. so c3 and the queen is protected then the black queen can just back of for now or be gone.

  20. Puzzle answer – queen exchange is wrong movement bcs black pawns are more than white so black winning the game. I think queen D1 is the correct movement bcz saving for both pawn.

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