Mikhail Tal’s Best Chess Games | Greatest Moves, Sacrifices, Tactics, Traps, Strategies & Ideas

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Here’s one of the greatest chess games ever played between Bukhuti Gurgenidze (white pieces) & Mikhail Tal (black pieces) at the 24th Soviet Chess Championship in Moscow in 1957. Reviewing this game we’ll learn how to play & sacrifice like the magician. We’ll analyze his strategy, moves, ideas & tactics. Mikhail Tal made a name for both himself and the Benoni defense with his fantastic victories on the black side. Playing Gurgenidze in the Soviet Chess Championship of 1957, Tal setup a great trap by making a knight sacrifice & also offering a queen sacrifice to mate his opponent! Following this game we can learn important Chess Lessons like power of attacking a weak color, mating patterns (Boden’s mate) & the power of using all your pieces to target the opponent’s king. I also have an interesting endgame chess puzzle at the end of this video, let’s see if you can solve that.


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  1. Every time watching I am enjoying this game

  2. Bukhuti should have resigned after Move 1 just like Carlsen did

  3. Queen to G1 because giving support to h2pawn , g4pawn and keep that diagonal covered

    Is it correct

  4. Exchange the queen after that pawn to h4 then h5 black pawn take after white pawn takes the black pawn to h5 go and make a queen he can try to move another queen and mate

    Edited- I am 10 years old can u plz pin me

  5. Qd2 would be the best in place of exchanging queens .

  6. queen for queen, h2 pawn gets promoted.

  7. I think I would go for the queen exchange. I just can't really see any good moves for white

  8. do not exchange. this will create a past pawn for black, not to mention this will have white lose because of the material disadvantage.

  9. exchange the queen..white will definitely win.
    Q*e5 d*e5, h4 f5, g*f5 g*f5, h5 f4, kc3 kc7…..
    h pawn will be queen soon

  10. I’ll say King to C3 then check the comments

  11. Sub titles problem
    It's not showing completely

  12. i did this same mate but accidentally lmaooo gg

  13. Qc4
    Explanation : Black is already pawn-up. So, if white's queen could enter to c6, it could a series of repeated checks.

  14. I think Qxe5 dxe5 h4 starting a pawn march wins, because the black King cannot defend this promotion, he is too far. in the other side, the farthest passed pawn black can make is the f, it means that the white King is able to stop a simultanous run. Well, if black could delay the h pawn advance somehow, then they would have the f and e passed pawns connected and advancing, and there is a 2×1 on the queen side making available one more passed pawn so white would be lost trying to defend both sides, but it demands too much time and h4 promotes in 4. Therefore I would play Qxe5, after dxe5 I push h4.

  15. Bhai ji subtitles ki wajah se maja Kam hora hai aapki videos ka…..

  16. Hm. We can exchange the queens and then move the h-pawn to h4. Our king has enough time to take black's e-pawn.

  17. I will never forget, discovering Tal for the first time. I went through two of his books. He is by far my favorite player. And the idea of being flexible I believe is tantamount to winning on the board. One situation can suddenly transmute into another, and it is up to us to pounce on the dynamics of new opportunities. (Kind of like life. Lol) Great analysis!

  18. It's crazy how he just hangs his "mate-in-1" threats and wait for his opponents to make the wrong move. It's feels like there's 3 or more of that threats and the moment you move the wrong piece, it's mate in 1. Just crazy genius

  19. Your Queen juste need to move to c4 and den to c6

  20. I would exchange queens and push the h pawn if he pushes my king is there to rip it apart.

  21. Subtitles line disturbing to see video

  22. Thank you jitendraji for this wonderful explaination of Mikhail tal chess game.
    We need more videos on mikhail tal games. Thank you.

  23. Quenn take queen them forwar the white pawn and defend with king a essy win for white

  24. 🤩Mikhail Tal is actually one of my favourite chess players🤩

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