Michio Kaku: Should We ABANDON String Theory?

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There is a God equation in mathematics; could there be a God equation in physics? Is Michio Kaku back in control 😂
This is the question to which Dr. Michio Kaku has dedicated his life. Dr. Kaku is a theoretical physicist, bestselling author, acclaimed public speaker, renowned futurist, and popularizer of science. As co-founder of String Field Theory, Dr. Kaku carries on Einstein’s quest to unite the four fundamental forces of nature into a single grand unified theory.

In this repost episode of Into the Impossible from 2021, Dr. Kaku and I embark on a quest to find this theory of everything. We discuss artificial intelligence, string theory, God, agnosticism, how to become the next Einstein and one of my favorite books – The God Equation.

Tune in!

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Intro (00:00)
Could an advanced AI create a game like chess? (02:08)
Balancing fame with physics (04:17)
Has particle physics been dormant for the last 50 years? (08:16)
Rivals to the string theory (17:48)
Different laws for different universes (24:46)
Is string theory falsifiable? (30:18)
What agnosticism means to Michio (37:50)
Is there a step before a grand unified theory? (40:35)
What connects the string theory to God? (43:09)
Michio’s parents were interned during WWII (46:23)
Outro (53:00)

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  1. This is tantalizing Dr. Keating.
    We really need to have Eric Weinstein and Michio have a discussion.
    It would be entertaining and maybe we call could all learn something.

  2. I think physicists should attend a convention of psychics. And mate with them. Then maybe their children will have a clue.

  3. Now it is called Stringfield theory ?. Well,n Bart Simpson will say, Springfield!.

  4. What are dimensions made of? How are physics constants built into them?

  5. The problem we have here is that Science and Scientists are struggling with dealing with borderline non physical reality. Science will not progress unless it attempts to deal with this. There are clearly many students on here who cling to thier own belief systems which is Dogma.

    Stephen Hawking, when he could not explain things said that God had made them. Many students do not have the wisdom to understand and they dismiss people like Michio, Penrose etc. Yet they have not got to that level and never will. I think this is due to a generation gap.

    Our reality through Science is a moving target, it has to be. What we took to be fact 100 years ago is now changed. Take the Aether for example, over 100 years ago it was belived to be an answer. Many are now looking back to see where we came from. We keep revisiting ideas which is good.

  6. A delusion is a strongly-held or fixed false belief that conflicts with reality.

  7. This guy is ripping off Dr. Eric Weinstein. Kaku is weak

  8. Describe the universe that exist, not expect basing hypothesis’s on having to imagined universes as being valid, then we can take you seriously. The great ‘what if’ that’s gone nowhere for decades. Granted there has been interesting off shoot as a result, but apart from this, give us a break.
    And what god is he referring to that gives gifts at Christmas, is he referring to Santa???

  9. SR wrong due to reference frame mixing and bad math. The Final Theory was published 21 years ago: try to keep up. So,no.

  10. Did you just asked if Kaku is the next Einstein while Witten is still around (in the same freeking field if I may add)?

    I find this extremely disrespectful honestly. Even if it's just a thumbnail.

  11. Brian says to his professor, "Here, smell my foot!" 😉

  12. I've listened to Kaku for the last 30 years. To the uninformed people, he sounds intelligent. However in the real world, he's a nutcase. He does not stand for real Science.

  13. Sometimes I wish we could find a perfect internet theory to end poor streaming quality.

  14. This was an enjoyable learning process with the two of you… and it was a good joke at the end of the conversation, truly funny. I laughed immediately.

  15. Nothing that Dr. Michio Kaku is saying hasn't already been known; it seems he is playing catch up. I remember when he said he didn't believe in GOD. This so-called scientist has been running around for years denying it just to come back full circle to say it's his epiphany of a grand unified theory.

  16. Fuq out of here; he's goofy af. Honestly, all this shit is fake af idk. The more I read it the more I'm like this shit is all so fake!!!

  17. not that my opinion matters to the good doctor but i would like to formally apologize to Dr Kaku. I can't really pinpoint where I acquired this opinion but I thought he was more of a popularizer and youtube scientist than a practicing, cutting edge physicist. btw I think being the former is a huge bonus to mankind so I never thought that was a bad thing. I hit ~22 min in and realized Michio is right there with all the brilliant physicists/mathematicians I listen to incessantly and comprehend sporadically 🙂 Thanks Dr Kaku and Prof Brian.

  18. The thumbnail alone destroys any sense of credibility.

  19. string theory is trying to understand the computation outside our 3D world which produce our 3D illusive world. it shall be very hard. its like AI in a simulated anime world trying to 'see' the quantum pc that created them. computation outside closed system is way too complex for tiny 3D human brain. human just a speck of blip in the massive universe.

  20. Your friend Eric Weinstein: charlatan and wall streter

  21. I think String Theory lacks a key ingredient. On par with what Einstein has trouble with.

    A "multiverse" full of universes. Instead of an emphasis on space itself. There is a reason why momentum exists. A physical reason that may not be bound through an understand of particles alone.

    There's a reason we would not be familiar with a 2d/1d space. It would be extremely detrimental to the health of particles on a whole.

  22. Mr Kaku is quite reasonable and willing to engage in good faith discussion abt String Theory, no?

  23. One has to work hard given an above average IQ. Rote is important. If one tries to understand everything at school, one will be left behind in the curriculum. At least a bachelor's degree is necessary to get your mind working and trained for confronting problems. life could become difficult with confronted problems.

  24. I saw the thumbnail for this video and my eyes fell out of my skull as I eye rolled so hard. The paramedics are here. It’s a scene. Thanks video editor.

  25. What about using FELs to heighten temps in our fusion reactors?

  26. Great Show- Michio is wonderful – great talk – Michio and Brian extra special sauce

  27. My opinion pre-video is that all avenues should be looked at and tried. I would give preference to any physical experiment.
    I think the real problem lies in people's understanding of infinity. Many approaches have broken down as they start to approached infinity. A good question to ask; Is there a limit to the infinity.
    Remember how introducing a limit in blackbody radiation led towards quanta and eventually to quantum physics.
    Now back to the video….

  28. He's a kook, I don't know why you would even consider giving him air time.
    He makes outrageous claims, then gets called out and has to walk it all back. Waste of time.
    Been doing that for decades.

  29. Yes … We should…. It is NOT WORKING OUT WELL….
    but vanilla establishment scientist Dr. Michio Kaku ALREADY knows that….
    Greetings to the scientific industrial complex ….

  30. I have had it with Brian Keating and all these damn reposts. Literally nothing he puts out is original fresh content.

  31. please stop recycling old episodes. this is deceitful.

  32. that thumbnail is so dumb, it makes me physically uncomfortable.

  33. You think he's the next einstein?? That's an insult to Einstein. Him and Neil deGrasse Tyson are the biggest clowns

  34. "i don't really like the Nobel prize, it's given not by god but mortals and mainly in sweden so who are they to judge us"
    damn, it really take an idiot to interview another idiot.

    (And i'm sure the fact you will never in a million year win a nobel influence your dislike of the award, of course …)

  35. He is lying string theory is not the God equation. The God equation is more abstract , yes there is algebraic geometry but not in a fashion that he is explaining. There is one equation which has a factorial [a+- b]n! not necessarily to say that different universes have different laws.

  36. He got so wrong about AI and it's future. TODAY AI is already doing jobs 1000% better than any human can do. Just look around, Autonomous cars, art, games, etc. In 10 years or before we will have AGI for sure. I alone can create an AI smart than humans imagine big Companies like Goggle and Tesla. Your phone is an AI already smart than humans in many ways, it just needs a software upgrade to deliver a precise answer.

  37. Michio wants to sell books, he has no interest in finding the truth. Roger Penrose eats this guys lunch.

  38. Is string theory the correct Theory of Everything?

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