Me learning a new chess opening

Made by @HarrisAlterman

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  1. Honestly that's why chess at lower levels is the most fun. People try some openings but they don't know shib past line 3 lol. High level chess is a little boring until some1 goes off theory. Then it's get good.

  2. when you learn a "new" opening, try it in games, and everyone already knows how it works and how to defend it :`(

  3. play Sicilian and you destroyed your center 🙂

  4. Bro sounded like ellie from the last of us

  5. Tactics dont work bc every tactic has already a tactic against it. When I just started chess my ego was a consistent 800 but when I started watching videos n shit that tell me what to do in what situation my elod ripped to like 240. Now I'm back to just doing what feels right and the elo is slowly going up luckily

  6. I think we all were there once and now we play all the time the same opening.

  7. My opponent tried to do a mate in 4 they found on YT Shorts
    Guess who else saw it.

  8. My soul leaving my body after my Queen's Gambit was declined:

  9. hehehehe famous clash of clans laugh vouce actor

  10. me trying to learn my first opening: ahm… this is not part of the script goes back to my default opening

  11. The way people brush the board when they know they lose😭

  12. When they don't follow the chess script you saw on yt:

  13. Ive got 1300 when learn new opening. But everybody knee that opening. And i come back to 1200 again.. haha

  14. Bro I learned a white opening. Studied it for 2 hours online and in chess books I had handed down. Sit down to play, immediately get given black pieces and realize I focused the whole 2 hours on white. I basically knew nothing for black it was hilarious.

  15. I remember this happened a few time when i started learning queens gambit 🙂


  17. I love that there is a literal channel just called “chess”.

  18. chess is about being able to adapt to unexpected outcomes and still managing to win if you cant adapt and learn to improvise sometimes chess is not for you

  19. Oh sick cant wait to play the new opening a learnt


  20. I did this tonight, found one opening, every time someone counters it I resign and find a new game 😂

  21. Fried Liver: HEHE
    Traxler Counter-attack: *ahem*
    Fried Liver: 👁️ 👄 👁️

  22. I played e4 he played b4!?!?!!? I said "youre supposed to play e5"he said "why?" I said "no reason"
    Edit:he played b5 it was a misclick i didnt realize

  23. The London System: And where did that bring you, right back to me

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