1. Square rule = SquareMagnus "I was making it a circle"Funniest stuff ever

  2. I wonder who runs this channel? 🤔Magnus himself or some manager or something

  3. The Botez sisters taught him the rule of the square. In return, he taught them how the knight moves.

  4. Magnus knows that, but he didn't know that there's a rule for that

  5. The guy doesn't know the rule of the square, in chess…Who is he anyway? Next thing you know he'll step away from beating up on the Botez girls and get a real job.

  6. Magnus understood it from looking at it, but hadn't heard it articulated in this way. I think he was able to simply count and see who was faster, pawn or king.

  7. He may be good but he could never beat sinister magnus

  8. What king must to say if he want to take a queen🤔🙄😎😀👍🏻

  9. multiverse where Franco Escamilla is friend of Magus

  10. It's not a rule, just a trick to make it easier

  11. From time to time it becomes obvious the minds of champions are wired differently.
    "It was the rule of the square, but I didn't know it is an actual square".
    Funny thing, the minds of the weak and the minds of the smartest seem at times to be similar, the huge difference is in actual results. Some can't do anything right, others do everything right.

  12. I'm stunned. I wonder if Magnus knows about "en passant".

  13. what a loser. I've learned the square concept way before him.

    to think this guy was the world champion

  14. I knew something magnus didn’t? That’s a first

  15. yeah, and Berry Bonds didn't know to hit the ball hard for home runs until his 3rd year in the majors

  16. Magnus become the greatest endgame player without knowing the square rules…

    Well maybe for someone that can calculate move really fast they don't need it…..

    Maybe it's like someone that knew mental arithmetic doesn't need calculator?

  17. Who else subconsciously warms towards David Howell?

  18. And in this stream David was roasted hard by someone from chat ..

    Saying : I learned the rule of Square just by looking at David's Forehead . 🤣

  19. Magnus hitting on Botez sisters. He is probably thinking to retire and lead a married life.

  20. he's not joking if you watch his 100 end game videos it backs up what he says. He truly doesn't need any tips or tricks that shitty players use because it's common sense to him

  21. He doesn't need it tho. It was rule that was created to easily identify your chances of winning in the end game, something Carlsen didn't really need. His intuition and instinct, his calculation are more than enough for him to dominate

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