Magnus Carlsen CRUSHES 3000 Rated Player! #shorts

Magnus is Built Different! 😈

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Magnus is the highest rated chess player in history who the heck is that guy.. 😂😂

  2. Que es el elo?? Yo cuánto tendré por jugar con mi tío??? Sufrimos demencia los dos … seguro 10 elo puedo tener 😃

  3. 3000 ELO guy still can't believe he lost 🤣 theres no premove in actual chess so ,

  4. Yeah 3000 online ! See the result in real then ! In real this player is 2550 – 2600

  5. Magnus is the greatest modern chess player of all time …undeniable fact

  6. Next: Magnus Carlsen vs Level 85 World of Warcraft Druid

  7. I bet he resign and say the dude cheated if he see he is behind. Man up and resign and don’t accuse people of cheating, Ms. Carlsen. Also it is rude to flip the table or leave the game when you are behind or losing. 😂

  8. Magnus is 3200 online elo😂😂😂😂

  9. Random Elo Magnus have biggest Elo on the world lol

  10. 3000 in China is equivalent to 100 anywhere in the world.

  11. If that guy is elo 3000..then I'm f**king stockfish…

  12. just a white guy with a rocket launcher says:

    One 2830 classical, the other is 3000 online

  13. Online chess is much easier than board if you don’t practice on board your elo automatically drops

  14. He basically tied him up, and when he was about to eat him, he grovelled, "Mercy, My Lord…"

  15. Even a high elo could lose ( like me I mean I'm 1800 by 6 month of exp and lose to 1600/1500 so we play we lose is doesn't matter about the lost is about what we learn )

  16. Elo is not comparable in different pools of players. That's really dumb.

  17. No one is 3000 Elo, that guy is 2593. Do not trust the online Elo, those aren't official, and they aren't based on the formula of Professor Arpad Elo.

  18. Ohh my god.. Who is this guy who defeated 3000+ elo player .. I think he can win the world Championship title.

  19. Зачем врёте написано что у него 2500

  20. He may be a 3000 rated player, but he isn't the World Champion, he is sitting on the other side😎

  21. When magnus plays:
    Even 3200 Elo(Max Computer):Resignnnnnn……🤝😂

  22. Clearly it is just a f*cking click bait. That mam is totally overrated

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