Ludo Board Game Rules & Instructions | Learn How To Play Ludo Game

Ludo Board Game Complete Guide with Rules and Regulations.
Timestamps OR Chapters:
0:00 How to play Ludo?
0:32 What you need to play Ludo?
0:47 Rules of Ludo
2:13 Rules of Sixes (6’s) in Ludo game
2:43 Landing on shared square rules in Ludo
4:04 Safe Squares in Ludo
4:33 How to win the Ludo game?

Ludo is a strategy board game for two to four players.
In which the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to the rolls of a single die.
Ludo consists of a square board with four different colored bases in each corner.
The first colored space outside of each base is the starting position.
A path leads clockwise around the board returning to a path the same color as the base, the home column, leading to the center home triangle.
What do you need to play the Ludo board game?
A Ludo game Board.
4 sets of color tokens green, yellow, red and blue.
And One six-sided die.

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  1. My sister and my freinds were playing ludo but im a lucky girl to win this ludo. However but you did'nt show the dice what about that sir.

  2. The arrow for your starting point is it a safe Zone for any player to land on it's and cannot get kick home

  3. The most fun when I cheat. Swear even if I lose I'd be happy after cheating

  4. It just reminds me of the flying plane game…….

  5. slighty different in france, no safe space,no double and the last line is numbered (1,2,3,4,5) you have to enter it with a 1, them move up with next number 2,3,4,5 and then finish of course with 6.
    if you do triple 6 you are sending one of your piece back to spawn and lose your turn

  6. My profile picture: HOW DARE YOU ALL DISRESPECT ME

  7. The best part is capturing . I forget everything when there is a token in front of me . Also I start laughing Hihehahahahaha At this point

  8. I never used the double piece rule no body where im from uses to be honest it just makes the game boring

  9. I am from Czech Republic and we call it "Mate, don't get angry". It looks very different. The Ludo version confuses me a little.

  10. If you are a ludo fan, come to the wowed to show yourself to the fullest.

  11. I was just playing with my auntie she got mad because I didn’t know how to count

  12. Bruh zu kompliziert irgendwie… ich dachte das spiel wäre easy

  13. In Serbia we call it "čoveče, ne ljuti se" which ruffly translates to "man, don't get mad" 😂

  14. What a helpful video and idea thanks 👌👌👌👌🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  15. I like how in the comment section, every single country has there own version of the game

  16. This game is outrageously addictive. Yet there is zero strategy anyone can use to their advantage.

  17. Agar Kisi ke 3 Aaye h or uski 1 Kati unsave h or ek Kati se usake samne vale ki Kati cut rahi h to vo Kati katana jaruri h ya nhi vo usaki Marji h ki vo Kisi ko bhi chal sakata h
    Vo kaat bhi sakata h or dusari ko bhi chal sakata h vo us par nirbhar karata h ki usako kisame fayada h
    Agar jaruri h to ye freedom Kaha se huaa
    Kahi Baar hum kaat dete h to vo hamare liye galat bhi sabhit ho jata h or hamari Kati cut jati h
    Agar katana jaruri h to ludo ne 4 Kati kyo Di h

    Sabhi bhai apana apana vichar rakhe

  18. Me – After finally i got 6 and again 6 then again 6 again me – 😑

  19. In Russia we pass through blocked square

  20. I know how to play but thanks I even learned things I actually don't know thanks so much!!!!!!!😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  21. What happens when the 6 comes from home column can the player win

  22. Thanks im going to school and my teacher is bringing this 🙂

  23. When you roll three consecutive 6's, does that make your previous 6's null and void? Meaning, do you undo any moves you made with the first two 6's, or do you simply lose the third 6?

  24. What you all call safety square in your regions?

  25. What is the rule while playing with two dice and on both dice there's a six??? And if we roll again the dice because of the sixes then again there's is a six on one dice and some other number on the second dice.. so what should we do cancel the three sixes and pass the turn on to the other player or just can use the three sixes and other number too???? If anyone understood my question and know the rule in this condition tell me

  26. But my Ludo map type is different looks like ludo but it using plane not Pawn

  27. Pov u take things too seriously and you just came back from a match of valorant

  28. Im learning a girl know right now and she said i should play it with her, wish me luck with her cause i really want her zho

  29. Good explanation. I will always win this game

  30. A player's first piece can enter a home column with no condition apart from completing the clockwise journey.

  31. Hello, excellent explanation! I wanted to share with you that on Amazon they sell some very nice Colombian wooden Parchesi Board Games from the Eco-Parces brand. Greetings!!!!

  32. Thank you very much sir for your help and guidance.

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