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Hi, this is David Sullivan for Chess NYC. I want to talk about legal and illegal moves. Here we have a very basic position, mating position, each side has a king, 3 pawns, and a rook, and it’s white’s turn to move. White can bring the rook all the way down to the C8 square and say check to black, and this is checkmate. The rook is saying check to the king. The king who goes one square at a time can’t move to a place where the rook cannot still get at it. Nobody can block and nobody can capture the checking piece, but often when I’m working with young people they’re not totally clear about how pieces move, so when they give an answer like rook C8 I might say, “Well, can’t the rook just capture your rook?”

Then I wait to see who is alert and hopefully someone will notice that a rook does not move on the diagonal, so this rook is not allowed to capture that rook. That’s breaking the rules. I might say, “Well, okay if my rook can’t take my rook can’t I just bring my pawn back here like this to block the check?” Then I’m waiting for the child to notice or remember that pawns cannot more backwards so this would be another illegal move. Then last but not least I might say, “If you give me this check maybe I can bring this rook back here and block the check.” If the rook comes back and blocks the check you’re also breaking another rule. What rule is that? Rooks are not allow to jump. Perhaps I might also have thrown in, “Can’t my king take the rook?” That of course breaks another rule, kings are only allowed to move 1 square at a time. Rook to C8 is checkmate. Black cannot make any illegal moves, game over.


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  3. its howcast they do how to on almost everthing not howcast only for the thing ThaGreatBakka likes

  4. This guy must really hate playing younger players.

  5. Was anybody else expecting to learn some awesome, unknown move that you didn't know you could do? -.-

  6. This was EXTREMELY basic chess, I was expecting something for higher level

  7. Just because of this? Wow you must not have a girlfriend just because of a little thing you don't like

  8. I don't even play chess, but doesn't basically everyone know the basic rules of chess? Like everyone's played it once or twice haven't they?

  9. The format is so bizarre and frankly not helping.
    A "how-to"-video, about how to NOT move three particular chess pieces.

    If your target audience is those who haven't played chess at all, I would propose making a video about each chess piece, explaining where they start and how you can move them, then later make a short series of beginners strategy.

    I'm sure you get this a lot, but you're not very helpful these days, I learned a lot from your earlier how-to step by step tutorials, I miss them

  10. I got a question .. So I play chess on a app I got and I capture a piece with my knight but when I try to move him back it won't let me? Why is that?

  11. Rooks cannot jump and if it could jump over another piece to try and block the check then the checking piece could just jump over the piece that tries to block the check and capture the King which pieces that move diagonally, forwards and sideways cannot jump

  12. I see my students making illegal moves all the time so i see how this can be helpful

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