Learn to Play Chess Today in Less Than 10 Minutes

Learning the basic rules of chess is easy. The chess universe is a board of 64 black&white squares. The entire point of the game is to force the opponent’s King into a trap he can’t escape from. That’s called checkmate. Yeah, sounds simple enough, but first, you have to get to him – that’s something his loyal subjects don’t want you to do. They’ll be working on protecting their king and going after yours, all while trying to capture as many of your pieces as possible.

Capture means the other person’s chess piece lands on one of yours. If that happens, your piece is out of the game, finished, bye-bye! So, do you want to join in and learn the basic rules and even some winning tricks and techniques? In that case, this video guide is what you’ve been looking for. By the way, when playing chess, you have to plan your path to success, but also try to predict the other guy’s strategy! What a brain workout!


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  1. I think it's smart to play black because you can adapt to what your opponent is up to

  2. my mom signed me up for chess club at school and idek how to play

  3. One thing, you also learn more in chess the more you play the game.

  4. Pov-your an Indian: MWAHAHA i am taking over the world now with one of our greatest inventions

  5. Against queens gambit you can play albin counter gambit or the Slav defense or also the Catalan opening as black

  6. Ik how to play chess but I enjoy watching this video for some reason… even though it just teaches you how to move a piece

  7. Game should be taught at every school, just like basketball and baseball.

  8. "Life is like a game of chess,i dont know how to play chess".
    -who knows?

  9. He forgot en passant and the coordinates are wrong

  10. when me and father are playing chess he always win and.. i just win 1 times
    but if my mom and me playing chess i always win :3

  11. I started learning this because I remember my mom has a glass chess set and I was like I wonder how you play it and now I am learning so hopefully next time my best friend comes we can totally use it and because its glass we'll probably put some cool lights underneath😂

  12. all of my crushes play chess, i gotta learn how to play too ¬‿¬

  13. " Finished, Tata! Bye bye "
    – bright side 2021

  14. My reason why i like chess because of ayakonoji hahahhaha

  15. Don't think of the knight move like an " L" shape.
    Look at the squares in the rank and file next to you and the squares connected diagonal to those you can land. You can actually see two possible moves at once.
    Always remember that the Knight takes turns on the color it can land on.

  16. Thanks 🙂 because I'm so bad at it AND THEY CHOSE ME to play chess like- bruh thanks again-

  17. I'm a state champion, and it's not a bad guideline 🔥🙏

  18. Thank you for your support ☺️☺️

  19. I became a Grand Master after watching this video.

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