Learn the King’s Indian Setup | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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Learn the King’s Indian in ~10 minutes. Like the video, write a comment 🙂

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  1. One day coffee, one day tea no wine. 5 cups.

  2. Can someone paste the PGN for both the white and black version of King's Indian?

  3. It was hard for me to get into your videos because of all the hype around, but once I came in I really like the content, I've watched a ton of your videos so far and I think you are great at explaining chessy stuff.

  4. What if d5 pawn takes e4 pawn during development?

  5. I’m beginner, 1 month in, this opening helped me defeat a player with 10 years of experience 😊

  6. This opening is named after my country. Suprising is that I lost some games with this defense and won with the London system.

  7. I lost to magnus calsen just because I stepped on poop

  8. I play kings Indian defense against just about anything except 1.e4.

    If that happens I do caro-kann.


  9. Thanks for a short intro! Chaga or similar hot drinks for me – avoiding caffeine and adrenal exhaustion 🙂

  10. This opening is really Good! Thanks Levy ♟️

  11. I drink 3 cups of coffee and maybe one cup of tea daily.

  12. If someone plays this opening the best defense is the Indian King's defense to prevent him from winning. I hope someone will answer me

  13. This is the beginning of chess for me. I am 420 Elo and I found this while looking for deterrents to scholars mate.

  14. My grandpa taught me chess, but was always intimidated to play, cause I felt like I was way too stupid. Just in these last 1-2 months or so I felt a pull towards chess, and found this channel. Turns out it's not stupidity – you just need to invest time, energy, like every hobby (for me it is). Today got my first ever win with a 400 robot by playing King's Indian – yeah I know, it's not much, but it's honest work. And certainly it was a huge dopamine hit for me. Thanks, enjoy your games everyone!

  15. I was playing this move since my childhood but never known its name 🙈😅

  16. Love your content. Thanks for this video in particular. Perfect opening for a mid level player who ain't gonna study openings. I got back into chess recently and plummeted 200 elo down to 850, watched this video, and now 30 days later I'm 1100. Thanks Levy!

  17. You are really such a likable Guy and very knowledgeable about Chess thanks for the info

  18. LMAO, I remember when I was a beginner and has no idea about opening names and openings overall. I THOUGHT I INVENTED THIS OPENING. Well, I was like 10.


  20. Earlier I used to lose all the matches. But after this opening, I went from 400 to 700 and still going forward

  21. Thanks. I'm an intermediate player that uses both the KI and the Pirc.
    I do 2-3 mugs of java in the morning. A lot of tea in the winter.

  22. Using the KI for both black and white. Still working to get in enough games to really stretch its legs. Coffee, black, about a half pot stretched out over the morning hours. Picked that up in my mid 50's. Strange, eh? 🤔

  23. Supurb overview. I've been working on the KI for over a year and you taught me a ton in just ten minutes! Thank you! Subscribed!

  24. I played this opening, I lost some games while trying to learn how to play it but then I got to 500 elo. I know it isn't much but it's the first milestone I wanted to achieve

  25. Only 1 / days, any 1 of the tea or coffee can do,
    Nice explanation though.

  26. take the pawn, when they take back, trade queen's, the king is forced to take because if Knights takes d8 then there's nxe5

  27. Seems like mastering Caro kann for the most lower >1000 for e4 and having the kings Indian for a less common d4 might not take too much time to learn (kings Indian) as it seems on d4 there tends to be less variation. Correct me if I am wrong

  28. Thanks! Black Coffee, only 1 or 2 cups in the AM 🙂

  29. I’ve been using this in blitz for a long time without realising it was an actual proper opening. It’s a good one for blitz as white as you can get a lot of moves in a short time without too many threats or attacks from your opponent.

  30. 1:11 What if the black pawn still comes to e4 and forces a pawn exchange? The d5 pawn is still coming to e4, threatening my knight, right? So how does white pawn to d3 help?

  31. 6:07 I really struggle against white doing this, and that’s odd considering I’m a blackmar diemer junkie.

  32. Japanese Matcha green tea is the best for high L-Theanine content for relaxation and focused mind

  33. Please make a video on Italian game
    Please 🥺 please 🙏

  34. I prefer both coffee and tea but i dont drink at all

  35. It's really helping me a lot bro cool more power 🎉😊

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