Learn How to Play Chess for Beginners in Less Than 8 Minutes

Rules of Chess.
Timestamps OR Chapters:
0:00 How to Play Chess?
0:22 Setting Up a Chessboard
0:57 Chess Moves
3:11 Pawn Promotion in Chess
3:35 En Passant Move in Chess
4:29 Castling Move in Chess
5:08 How to Start The Chess Game?
5:29 How to Capture Your Opponent’s Pieces in Chess?
5:46 What is Checkmate in Chess?
6:10 How to Win The Chess Game?

How to Play Chess?
Chess Basic Rules and Setup for Kids & Beginners.
Chess game complete playing guide with rules & instructions.
Learn Chess moves like how King can move?
How does the Queen move?
How Does Rook move?
How does Bishop move?
How does Knight move?
And in the end how Pawns can move?
Learn how to capture your opponent’s pieces?
What are checkmate and Stalemate?
You will also learn all the details about CHESS special moves like Pawn Promotion, En passant and Castling.
Learn how to set up the Chessboard?
For example, Your queen should be at the same colored square as the color of your queen.
White queen on white or Lighter Square and black queen on black or Darker Square.
The king across from the king & from the queen across the queen.
when you are setting up the chessboard make sure each piece should be facing each other.
Chess rules,

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  1. If we attack the straight ward instead of moving cross way

  2. Nice and nice try i am also a chess player only

  3. Looking forward for more strategies, tactics and detailed videos of chess

  4. you queen side castled incorrectly at 1:11….other wise pretty good

  5. My dad doesn’t understand stalemate the last rule he thought he won can you make a special video about stalemate

  6. If my queen is at d7 and my knight is at c5 and my opponents king is check and he can move his king at f8 but he instead eat my queen and I ate the king and I won is that allowed or not?

  7. ya i think this will help me beat my cousin in chess.

  8. I don’t want to play chess I just want to play understand the queens gambit lol

  9. That was a lot to take in at once…WOW. But that was good information,thank you!

  10. You forgot about the 'Petunk' move, its a common variation of the game It goes like this: If a player has not moved his Rook with 8 moves the opposing player then has the power of Petunk. This only lasts for a further 8 moves before being cancelled. At any time during those 8 moves the player with the power of Petunk can throw HIS or her Rook AT the opposing player. The purpose is to strike your opponent in the head scoring 3 'Petunk points' Cruically they must also shout 'PETUNK !' loudly or the move is invalidated Since it is done without warning there is a good chance of scoring HOWEVER, if the player on the receiving end of the Petunk can deflect the piece using his hands then he scores a single point AND the power of Petunk is handed to that player and their opponent becomes 'Un-Petunked '

  11. long castling is wrong, the king should go to c1 and the rook should go to d1.
    time: 1:11 of the video

  12. Queens gambit inspired many it seems hahaha

  13. I know how to move pieces. I don’t know how to win.

  14. Came here to learn chess after watching the Queens Gambit

  15. I started to play after watching the Queen's Gambit 😀

  16. Why on earth do you have to have background music? Most annoying! If I wanted to hear music, I'd listen to a music channel, not hear it while learning chess! 🙁

  17. you did the long castle wronglyyyyy

  18. I should start making and selling chess kits lol

  19. en passant…. such a tricky move,i`ve always got a pawn next to me and i didn´t even know this move. So I want to thank this video for letting me know also every move in chess. Thankyou so much🙂

  20. Terrible explanation and diagram of En passant… You don't make any sense. Stop teaching

  21. Pawn is not the weakest they are front line like Infantry and crucial and very important for the infrastructure! And the only piece that have the potential to be greater than all the pieces except the King!!

  22. The king castling to left(queenside) is wrong. The king only move 2 spaces, not three as shown in video.

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