Learn Chess: How to Castle

Learn how to castle in chess!
In this video you’ll learn how castling in chess works.

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  1. I got confused in my last game, So the King cant go thru a check but a rook can. RIght?
    I thought both cant go thru a check, my whole life is a lie, and im dumb.

  2. Those pawns look hella weird if you know what I mean 🤪

  3. Thank you Did not know you couldn't castle through check

  4. thank u for teaching dis useful knowledge 😀 now i can play against my rlly smart friend

  5. Benny: You shouldn't have castled.
    Seems like a good move to me!

  6. If there was a Knight in e3, can I castle Queen side?

  7. 4:09 In this position, if none of the white pieces have moved, can we castle Queens side?

  8. 4:27 Silly question but still, in this position can I castle Kings side?

  9. very nice and thanks! I haven't touch chess board in like 20 years and I have stopped learning at this lesson after like 20 yrs I wanted to study this move after seen some Random video popup suddenly to my YouTube home page I can't even remember I used to play and teach all my friends how to play chess 20 yrs ago while I was schooling ☺

  10. 4:20: In real chess, why am I going to castle when my rook is attacked straight by a queen. I will simply trade my rook. 😅😅

  11. My brother doesn’t believe me about not being able to castle when the king is in check

  12. If your king is put in check , you then move a piece to block the check without moving the king can the king then Castle upon his next turn?

  13. I'm playing online chess with my nephew (13 years old sister's son) in this lockdown and lost the series 5.5-4.4

  14. Oh I thought u need pawns in order to castle

  15. Your outro really ruined the video for me you need to come up with an outro maybe put some spacey chill music in the back ground of your video

  16. I'm assuming you can only castle once per game right? Sorry new chess player here just started a week ago.

  17. @4:10 if the left rook haven't moved yet, can we castle on the queen side? I'm quite new to chess, thank you.

  18. I downloaded this chess app and started playing it without knowing the rules or anything and ended up putting the bot on checkmate, and I wanted to know what it was that I did and how I ended up winning, this secret move (that I completely accidentally did) was the one that won me my first game lol
    Edit: well the move isn’t secret obv but I didn’t know about it yet lol

  19. Who made this rule up?
    Why not use the older rule where there was two forms of the leap. The king would move once like a Knight, OR the king would move two squares on his first move. in ANY direction.
    Who says you can't use the origonal rules from the 15th century? Who is this gate keeper that keeps things in this dumbed down form?

  20. 4:22 The queen is not attacking the rook.. the rook is attacking the queen since it is white's move.

  21. I don't understand the part where you mention , " white king cannot castle on either side because the king has already moved." How does that bother the king from castling?

  22. Would be hilarious if a black knight that was unprotected stood on F1 and white were allowed to short castle

  23. thank you. i was so confused on how many squares i need to move for black and white

  24. Can we castle to left side of whiteif there is attact on b1

  25. Castle 🏰 , 1 daerah maximum 2cawangan. Kalau masuk ke 3 pandai2 jaga diri.

  26. Can you castle on I message chess I couldn’t but maybe it’s one of these reasons ima check it out

  27. Can you castle over an opponents piece? Eg if an opponents horse is between a rook and king can you castle over the opponents horse? If so, does the opponents horse get killed?

  28. Do both sides have to be clear or as long one side is clear can you castle?

  29. This is exactly what I was looking for. Your explanation was clear as day. Thank you for this!

  30. When i castling to the queen side, if black queen on d row, am i been allow to castle.

  31. Thanks, excellent and simply explained

  32. How the heck do you do this with the mobile app? It won't castle when I try to do it

  33. Most important question. Why is it illegal to put your king in check? Seems a bit chicken and egg. Suppose it is illegal to put your king in check. I move my king into check to check your king, but your king can't take my king because doing so would put your king in check, so is me moving my king into check REALLY into check because you can't take it without going into check.

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