Knight or Bishop?

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  1. A knight is the only piece that can not checkmate if it is the last piece with the king

  2. "The knight is extremely elusive"
    The invisible bishop 100 kilometres away: 🗿

  3. Fun fact: The knight is better just because it can move through black and white squares unlike the bishop

  4. I love the knight. Its the only piece Im not completely shit at playing😂

  5. Black Pawn♟️♟️♟️♟️♟️♟️♟️♟️

  6. If it's the knight why is the bishop worth 3½ and the knight 3??

  7. Imo knights are better cuz you can fork (which is one of the best feelings ever) and make good strategies but bishops on the other hand as he mentioned are good too

  8. Knight or bishop?? The rooooooooooookkkkk

  9. Open board bishops closed board Knights yes

  10. The knight is one of the best ways to attack the queen, because it’s the only move it can’t do.

  11. You can checkmate with 2 bishop, you can mate with knight+bishop, but you can't mate with 2 knights

  12. Answer: it depends. The relative value is bishop = 3.375, knight = 3.000

  13. I’ve always been a knight fan, and Knight is my favorite chess piece.

  14. The night is my favorite piece
    You think that I like the bishop no

  15. Knight is the definition of a ninja + dagger and bishop is the definition of average American with a sniper rifle

  16. A knight can fork without a choice for example the queen is in danger but the king is in check you can't block the knight so you move your king and you lose a queen

  17. Forking with kinght is most satisfying thing 🛐

  18. Knights are better because it is a horse and i like horses

  19. Da roooooooooook is my favorite because it can stop a king from travelling into other ranks and slow trap the king .

  20. Gothamchess: Personally I would say the knight is better.
    Hikaru: you bozo

  21. knight is
    1) the only piece on the board which can potentially attack 8 pieces at the same time
    2) the only piece which can attack a queen, a rook, a bishop without getting in their attack range
    3) knight can gallop wherever it wants
    4) a block from a knight cannot be blocked
    5) forks from a knight are devastating

    there are probably many more reasons why Knight is the GOAT

  22. Everyone is a gangster until you find yourself in a royal fork

  23. Everybody is gangsta till bishop domes your queen from 2 klicks away

  24. Knights – Forking pieces since centuries

  25. I used my knights for clearical about you master?

  26. Imagine being confined to half the chess board

  27. The knight is most valuable at the beginning as you can fork the king, queen and rook sometimes even bishops

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