Instantly IMPROVE Your Chess Using These 14 Beginning Principles

Looking to improve your chess game? In this video, we’ll cover 14 beginning principles to help you master the game of chess. Perfect for beginners or those looking to sharpen their skills! Chess is about a lot of things. Principles included. You can’t just go willy nilly into a game and expect good results. Follow these chess principles and watch your chess rating skyrocket! Beginning chess players, I’m talking to you…

00:00 Intro
00:06 Develop Towards Center
01:42 N Before B
02:45 Avoid Too Many P Moves
03:16 Open Up Back Rank, Connect R
03:30 Castle Early
03:54 Don’t Move Q Too Early
04:11 Avoid Moving Same Piece Multiple Times
05:41 B Over N
06:46 Symmetry Is Draw Odds
07:46 Doubled P Is BAD
08:11 Isolated P Is TURBO BAD
08:30 Opposite Colored B = Draw Odds, Favoring Black
09:00 Take Open/ Half Open Files
09:33 R On The 7th Is GOLDEN
10:13 Outro

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