I Try To Reach 2000 ELO in 30 Days – Day 22

It’s day 22. I’m trying to raise my chess rating from 0 to 2000 ELO within 30 days.

RULE 1: Only Rapid Games.
RULE 2: I have to explain every single move I play.
RULE 3: I will give you a checklist of things that you must do to improve your rating.
RULE 4: If I lose a game, I have to play the GROB (worst chess opening) in the next one.

This speedrun is authorized on chess.com. The ELO points will be refunded.

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00:00 Intro
00:10 Game 1: SPANISH Brilliant move!!
09:50 Game 2: Crush the Alekhine Defense
17:58 Game 3: win in 9 Moves (2500 elo)
20:06 Game 4: Time Trouble!!

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  1. You make me laugh. I was checking YouTube often today for your upload like I do for Daniel Naroditsky’s speed runs. You can be funny, calm and make very good moves with seconds on the clock. 17:22 – you missed you can just capture the rook😂. Also the first two opponents played like 1200’s.

  2. i see what has happened i must be envolved live

  3. At 17:40, you played the king to d2 incorrectly, instead of capturing his rook with the bishop and giving him a check, and then capturing his knight, and it's game over.

  4. Not only do we learn from your videos but you are a fun woman to watch/ I was going to say girl but I can see all the comments

  5. Sorry, but I'm gonna say yee-haw for every pony I take going forward. Thanks, Alessia!

  6. Alessia I love your energy paired with your great explainations! Please more of Bing Bung Bang and roasting your opponents!

  7. This has been a great series of videos Alessia. You make it so much fun but you're also explaining all your ideas and calculations very clearly and concisely. 😀

  8. Subscribed. Hope you can afford the other sleeve!

  9. Alessia teaches us in a very very simple language. Grazie signora 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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