I Try To Reach 2000 ELO in 30 Days – Day 22

It’s day 22. I’m trying to raise my chess rating from 0 to 2000 ELO within 30 days.

RULE 1: Only Rapid Games.
RULE 2: I have to explain every single move I play.
RULE 3: I will give you a checklist of things that you must do to improve your rating.
RULE 4: If I lose a game, I have to play the GROB (worst chess opening) in the next one.

This speedrun is authorized on chess.com. The ELO points will be refunded.

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00:00 Intro
00:10 Game 1: SPANISH Brilliant move!!
09:50 Game 2: Crush the Alekhine Defense
17:58 Game 3: win in 9 Moves (2500 elo)
20:06 Game 4: Time Trouble!!

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  1. If you lose and so have to play the grob but then lose again do you have to play the grob… again? Do you have to keep playing the grob until you win?

  2. I love your absurd humor, Alessia! Laughed out loud half a dozen times watching this video.

  3. İ liked and subscribed sweety ….. what is the prize

  4. Didn't she miss Bishop takes h 3 and after Pawn takes night f 3 and mate is unstoppable? At like 6:28

  5. one of these days she'll have to play it…

  6. At 9:19 her opponent could have taken on g 4 because after pawn takes the rook on h 6 is hanging.

  7. The best speed run on the internet right here 🙂

  8. It's really awesome to hear your breakdowns. Some of the most helpful instruction I've been exposed to.

  9. Alessia just pronounced subtle as sub-tal. As someone whose first language is not English either, I love her mispronounciations.

  10. I gave thumbs up because everyone deserves at least two sleeves

  11. I’m commenting just to bump up the algorithm

  12. you can beat magnus if every games you play 90 accurate

  13. I m looking at your videos since Day 20 and I am just now realizing how much we look alike. You re the female version of me without even joking. Same face structure,same eyes same cheekbones,jawline,nasal folds,lips,forehead,same eyebrows just mine are a little more bushy. It weirds me out ngl! Do you have some romanian descend or are you a pure italian?

  14. fabulous shirt!! (lol reallytoinfinitybadmoooove!)

  15. You can't do maths… it's 236 elo remaining…

  16. Alessia's middlegame attacking mind is so powerful but her endgame is almost the opposite

  17. You are so much fun. How does one get and maintain such a positive attitude even when one blunders?

  18. You have an interesting playstyle. You still take risks on the chessboard when you're already up a clean piece. And you're thinking of attacking instead of trading to a winning endgame.

  19. Please explain how u manage to stay so relaxed and focused all the way? How do u practice that? Great series! I'm sure this will bring u many more subscribers 😁

  20. I don't understand how it's a challenge to reach 2000 if your rating is nearly 2300

  21. Me after taking a knight: YEE HA
    gets kicked out

  22. Your opponents always make mistakes and blunders early in the game. We don't learn much because they are very easy for you to beat. Can you filter out the games with lousy blunders?

  23. The not taking the rook blunder actually makes me feel a lot better, because I have moments like that in my game and I just thought there was something wrong with my brain. The fact that a high rated player such as yourself can miss something like that is acually really encouraging.

  24. I feel morally you lost that last game and now must play the Grob

  25. Uh oh, I'm a day behind in my viewership.

  26. I love the videos. I laughed a bit at your " pay me so I can afford another sleeve" bit. Pay a woman youtuber so she can cover up more ? You really do not know how male brain works, do you ?
    Pay me so I can hide MORE. Hahaha, good one.

  27. I love this Best Chess Series on the Internet!! And of course tackling the big theoretical issues in chess, like the fascinating "pony" versus "pawnie" debate. For clarification, Alessia, the knight is a "pony" (like in "own", "phone", "moan") and foot soldiers are "Pawnie" (like "dawn", "scorn", "lawn") … but that might just work in British English. 🙂

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