I Played Extreme Chess in Minecraft

I Played Extreme Chess in Minecraft

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  1. Ima be honest, this was a pretty boring video. Cool idea in theory, but idk.

  2. i love how 2 minutes in both of you admit your terrified of each other

  3. When you play Queen Gambit he can respond Sicilia Gambit.

  4. The problem with tnt, if there are blocks below you seperating you from the tnt they will negate the damage. Tnt works best when delivered from above and no blocks are in the way. Youll notice that people only start taking damage once the the initial layer of blocks is destroyed

  5. I’m sorry, but I was PRAYING rek would win,

  6. Yeah rekrap was basically screwed multiple times and only getting a few good moments

  7. Honestly the most entertaining form of chess I’ve ever seen

  8. 5 seconds in, you've already offended millions

  9. i played with my bestie in roblox obby creator chess that i build that works and i won

  10. you did not die because there was bedrock under you

  11. how do you get that timer when i install this mod it doesnt give me a timer

  12. What's the music Vitjok keeps using in his other videos 2:09 to 2:43? I need to know.

  13. 6:02 rek should have went far than let you kill him,he could make. A move and you would lose some time

  14. no normal chess is soooo good mr dont say things like that only talk about minecraft

  15. Minecraft manhunt but the hunters have to play chess

  16. Wow bro this was so intresing I loved this vid and I don't even know how to win the game because I make stupid moves

  17. My favorite part is at 9:26 is hen rekrap made a Instant regret move lol

  18. boosfer needs to have peircing on crossbow

  19. Um you said 3 hours it’s 3 minutes never mind it is 3 hours

  20. This doesn’t feel good. The entire time you were just destroying him and being so mean!😢 +1 dislike for you

  21. u know whats funny, rek didnt take the queen with Bxd1 which makes me think i can beat both in a game

  22. This reminds me of that undead pirate guy from Pirates 101 who managed to become immortal by playing a poker game against death for his soul. Because he didn't play his last hand, his soul couldn't be taken. This is like that.

  23. How do you guys know where the chessboard is

  24. 13:49 you survived because the grass muffles the explosion damage and radius, just like with redstone. Also, it wasn't 1 or 2 blocks from you, it was 4 or 5, so it was guaranteed to fail anyways.

  25. Who else agrees that boosfer should be in lifesteal

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