I Made A Game Where Players Can Change The Rules


  1. So what if every rule change costs a flamingo and gold is used to make land shops xreaturs etc and some creatures cost flamingos etc

  2. These kinds of videos were the thing in 2019

  3. Hold on thats literally what my cousin's cousin and his German neighbour did in scratch when he was 8

  4. Ended up playing this with some friends without seeing the video and it was unironically some of the most fun I've had in a while.

    I'll spare the details but I ended the game by purposefully detonating a nuke in a separate dimension sealed off from the rest of reality, killing everyone in the process

  5. I like how rule 3 and 4 literally contradict each other from the start on^^

  6. Rarran could've moved, then moved the slime to his space. The demon king would've killed everyone else and he would have won (I think).

  7. This was so good. I have never seen any of your videos but this was a great concept and executed so well. Thanks.

  8. I thought the final rule was that the players would have to fight each other to the death ngl. This video was hilarious, kudos!

  9. Noah lied, there was plenty of time to explain.

  10. WHY?
    Why did NO ONE try to move the Flamingo space (in)TO the Start space, for an infinite amount of flamingos 😀
    (yeah, I guess it would be blocked by the DM, but it would be fun, it would probably also trap the player there & makes flamingos worthless.)

  11. That was hilarious, defo doing this with my friends (I don't have friends)

  12. This is the most whacky but fun shit I've watched in a while lmao

  13. Wait did he not say Vaporeon removes the unicorn first I swear I heard that too

  14. Rule: "Demon makes a slime everywhere he goes"

    Creates a paradox

  15. Why is no one asking how Rarran couldve won that turn in one round??? Im endlessly curious what rule could have done that. Please give us an answer

  16. I don’t know what I just watched but it was amazing

  17. bruh wtf, how did this entertain me for 22 minutes. i swear i saw how long it was and was like: ill click off in a sec, and the the entire video went by how was this actually funny what

  18. i watched a few episodes and man… these videos are so fun to watch.
    P.S your drawings are so good, I want your mastery of skill.

  19. Love how the guy that died first regained his honor by reviving and beating the demon with his bare fists

  20. No one try say everyone but themself is not allowed to change the rulles

  21. Board game DnD shoud be a video in this channel.
    Thanks for the vídeo

  22. please do more of this with different/more people

  23. How to instantly ruin the game: "I move one space right, and players can no longer change the rules."

  24. 5:50 HEY YOU CANT DO THAT!! and you cant say noah can make all the rules he wants on his turn as golden rule states you cant bound a rule to one person noah=one person and you already did a rule so already you making all the rules you want and once again theres no golden rule of you cant delete rules …

  25. Idk this was so entertaining but also confusing 😂

  26. "Rules cannot be bound to one player"
    Also: "Noah can veto any rule change"

  27. Based on the way the rules work, there should be a 50% chance for him to steal, then a 50% chance for the player to steal from him. There could be a situation where the demon does not steal anything or both steal equally from each other. These, resulting in a net zero change, will mean that the wheel spun should be 50% nothing happens, 1/4 loose 1/4 gain

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